Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Miss K: Graduation '09

Last Friday I had the opportunity to once again get the beautiful Kathleen in front of my lens. You may recognize her from

previous posts, one of them being my all-time favourite shoots ever with her and her horse, Lena. ( You can check it out here)

I wasn't sure how the session was going to pan out this time, as I threw out my knee just a few hours before go-time. I HAD

to pull it together though, as this was her prom night, and "Mom" had hired me last year to do the photos. Everything from K's

hair and makeup, and of course her stunning gown ( doesn't it have a western feel)! were enough to inspire me:) Luck was on

my side again...and with a little hesitation and not as much time spent on the ground as I would have liked, everyone "worked

it" and we ended up with some images I hope they'll love.

Thank you again to the entire family for having me along....parents, friends, "dates", and significant others - I really enjoyed

photographing you all and look forward to our next session!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Rod + Jen + Baby A : Family

I wasn't sure if we were going to actually make this session happen last night....the sky was looking sad, dark and stormy and I

had actually called to cancel the session. But, once again I lucked out and the sky cleared, even giving me a bit TOO much

sunshine! Who am I to complain.....I had a gorgeous couple, an adorable little 3 month old man and some incredible scenery. I

wouldn't be being completely honest though if I didn't say I felt a little extra pressure....Jen & Rod are fellow wedding

photographers based out of Summerland so I NEEDED to do a great job! I also felt a little challenged as the 3 month age of Mr.

A is sort of, well.....an in-between stage. No scrunchiness, no sitting.....so of course I was racking my brain beforehand to

think of some good posing ideas. Well, the little man wasn't a huge fan of sitting or facing the VERY bright sunshine

(understandably) so we were a bit limited in that department . And although these are all very backlit, I chose to leave the flash

in my bag and go with what Mother Nature was giving me.....I think I'm liking the results. Kind of vintage-organic and "real" if

you will.

I'm hoping that you are both happy with the images and that they remind you of this very fleeting time....next time I see you

guys your little man will be cruisin!

Thanks again for trusting me to capture such a special time for you....can't wait for the next session:)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nick + Heather + Cyan: Family Session

This is part 2 of Nick & Heather's engagement session, but this time Heather's gorgeous daughter Cyan joined in. We figured

that since Heather is a country girl and Nick is much more "city" that we should take a few photos which represented not only

him, but also Cyan's quirky personality.

I didn't know what to expect as I've never done an engagement shoot with a child, but man oh man can the girl WORK IT in

front of the camera. We truly had so much fun.....I'm pretty sure that my abs will be killing me by the end of their wedding

next weekend from all the laughing:)

Although these photos have a completely different feel than the "pretty" ones we did last week, I hope I captured who you

really are....a fun, quirky and spontaneous family!

Thank you so much!


Okay.....because I KNOW you are going to be wondering about his "posing"...this was the scenario:

I was changing their position and could tell they were a little unsure of their angles, so I said to them, " Keep in mind that

whatever is closest to my lens is going to appear larger"...and what does Nick give me? SCHWING!!!!!! He literally jumped

towards me RIGHT on cue; good thing I was already on the ground, 'cause man did I have a good belly laugh!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Papa's Girls

We had wonderful Father's Day.......started the day off with a sleep-in, a cuddle and a mad dash out the door to make it

(somewhat) on time for brunch. We met up with friends Dom & Simone and their kiddies at the beautiful Frog City Cafe in

Kaleden....it's a part of Linden Gardens which has unintentionally become "our spot" for Father's Day.

After a big brunch we walked the gardens....the kidlets played hide n seek and go-go stop while the big people stretched out on

the grass and I accosted everyone with my camera.

After that we headed home...& crashed in a heap on Nevaeh's bed ( this has never happened before, although I could

make a habit of it)! Then I shopped while N and Papa played video games....we topped it all off with a fab dinner and an in-

home movie night.

So, Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful daddy's out there....and especially to my hubby for having so much patience, giving

endless snuggles and back-tickles,( I'm reading this to Nevaeh and she said the best thing about Papa is

"flipshugskissespiggybacks" and in her mind that's all-one-word)! but mostly for all the love you show our girls; you really are

a great Papa & they're so lucky to have you....I'm grateful for the days we've had and look forward to those that have yet to


Happy "Papa's" Day!

Mish xo

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jorge + Ranette: We Did

A word of warning.....I'm doing things a little backwards this time! Ranette & I had a little misunderstanding which resulted in me

not posting any of their wedding pics from last month. Now that I've been given the go-ahead I will be putting something

together - soon! For now I'm giving you two a sneak of what's to come...a little sampling of just how HOT you two were tonight. I

am seriously impressed with how much the two of you gave me. It was fun, fun FUN! I really do urge all couples booking a

wedding package to suck it up and book the extra "Trash the Dress/ We Did" session; they are so much fun and SO much more

relaxed than the actual wedding day. I mean, come on....just look at these two!

Jorge, you really pulled yourself together and humoured us for the evening, and Ranette....you just can't help but look gorgeous

(for all our photog friends; doesn't she remind you of the uber-fab Jasmine Star....... LUCKY!!! Click on this link and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the

uncanny resemblance)! I really feel fortunate to have been a part

of your day and am SO glad we got to have one more go at it this evening....well worth the wait!

A HUGE thank you again goes to Brooke for shooting alongside me...just WAIT to see what she has coming; I believe she may

be holding onto my fave photo of hers to-date - now POST IT girl!!!

Hope you love em guys!!!