Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sweet Miss

Here she is, Miss P; the luckiest girl I know! This little one is the beautiful daughter of one of my closest friends Jack, we've

been friends since we were toddlers, an I am so lucky to have her in my life. While on the Island, the girls and I went for a visit

at Jack's house and had a wonderful time....her little cutie collected fresh eggs, veggies and fruit from the garden and we had

the yummiest lunch on one of the prettiest picnic tables ever! Thank you so much Jack....it was great to see you and we were

sorry to go; I only wish we lived closer to each other to do stuff like this more often......now hurry up and have that baby so I

can get some sweet newborn photos ( a long ways to go, but hey....I'm excited)!

Love you lots......

Mish Mash:)

Little Ladies

Here they are....all for you, Nanny! As promised to more than a few of you here are some new pics of not only the adorable Miss

Eve, but her equally sweet big sis Nevaeh. I had a bit of a rough day yesterday juggling a mess still lingering from holidays, still

nursing a sick babe, watching 4 kids and trying to get my past shoots up to date! For all of you out there stalking me wondering

where you images are, and if I've forgotten about you; I promise I haven't! I've been a busy bee and trust me when I say it'll be

worth the wait...just another day or two and you'll have a sneak:)

Until then, here is the impromptu shoot of our girls....completely out of the blue Nevaeh came up to me yesterday just as

dinner was ready and said, "Mummy, do you think you could take some pictures of Eve and her big sissy ( referring to herself,

of course) in some beauuuuuuuutee-full dresses?" Of course I forgot about dinner, cleared her bed of pillows, ripped the

artwork off the walls and plunked them into their purdy new dresses ( each under $10 at the Gap)! It was quick and relatively

painless and I just adore the results!



Monday, July 27, 2009

Ashley & Jason

Here is the first post of many to come.....the girls and I spent the past 2 weeks on Vancouver Island playing, visiting and shooting

a LOT! I had a lot of fun at all of my sessions, but the most meaningful was the wedding of a very sweet friend Ash and her man

J. It was a long wait, but these two lovebirds FINALLY tied the knot:) I am so glad they did, and even happier that they chose me

to document the day. Another friend of ours, Erin came to shoot as well so it was twice the fun:)

Jason, you looked handsome as ever, and absolutely smitten with your bride and Ash.....there really are no words I can say; you

were hands down the most glowing bride I've ever seen. How fair is it that you get to be as naturally stunning as you are AND

just as kind hearted, smart and genuine?! I'm so lucky to have you as a friend:)

Thank you again to both of you, as well as your fabulous family and friends ( it was great catching up)!

Lot of love,


PS - PLEASE click on the images to view full sized - they are NOT looking good on here; so very frustrating as they are sharp even on smugmug....ARGHHH! I think it's time for a new blog!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ashley + Jason:: Sneak Peek

This is so difficult for me to do. I don't think I have EVER posted just one image for a sneak, but here it is. Trust me, it will be

WELL worth the wait....beautiful, no - STUNNING bride, amazing couple and the location is my personal fave...Vancouver Island

(home, sweet home)! Please be patient Ash and I promise there will be more for you very soon:)

I had a fabulous time at the wedding, it was great catching up with old friends and of course very special to be able to

photograph your big day.......

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ryan + Eva : Married

This weekend was full of "firsts". First time shooting in Vernon, first mountain top wedding, and first "blind" session....I had

never met the bride and groom before. I have admit that I had a tummy full o butterflies, as I had no idea just what I was in

store for.

I arrived at the Snowbird Lodge at Silverstar and within minutes of meeting "the boys" I was not only at ease....but laughing my

you-know-what off. I was worried they'd be straight-edge and that couldn't have been further from the truth. Thanks to all of

you for adding so much laughter to the day:)

When I asked Ryan about Eva, his entire face just lit up.....he said she was a total sweetheart, emotional, excitable and girly. He

also told me that she was a stunner. And do I ever agree with him; Eva was kind, emotional, genuine AND gorgeous....don't you

think she resembles Katherine Heigle? Ryan, you are one lucky man!

I had a great time with the ladies, and it was fantastic to photograph a group of women who were obviously such great

friends...I think the 4 of you had me tearing up more than anyone else that night. Eva's longtime friend even flew in from

Germany for her big day and composed and performed 2 songs for the couple. It was my favourite wedding moment to-date:)

Thank you to ALL of you; the wedding party, Eva & Ryan's families and especially the newlyweds. I left your wedding that

evening feeling extremely blessed to do what I do.

I hope you enjoy your sneak peek and have patience to wait for more ...this post is lacking images from the ceremony and

all the wonderful handmade details .....I'll be posting more from your day as soon as I'm back from the Coast next week; hang

in there!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Candice + Chris: Expecting

This weekend was a busy one; we packed up the family and headed to Vernon for 2 nights, not only so I could photograph a

wedding but also to have a long-awaited visit with our great friends Candice & Chris. My hubby Mike and Candice have been

friends for many years, which is how I first met Candice; she actually told me that I should "stay away" from Mike as he wasn't in

commitment mode! I guess I had something he just couldn't stay away from! Candice & Chris are expecting their first child, a

little girl in just 6 short weeks and if I'm lucky I'll be photographing their big day; it would be such an honor so I am hoping

everything comes together! This shoot was a bit of a challenge for me, as I'm a wee bit shorter than Miss C. Put it this

way...she calls my hubby who's 6'1 "small fry". I definately needed to take advantage of anything I could climb on as this

gorgeous Mum-to-be is 6'3....more than a foot taller than me! The weather was scorching and the sun was blazing...we also

shot at high noon, which all photographers know is less than ideal. Lucky me though...even with all those obstacles I had a

gorgeous model who has a perfect little bump and man oh man, could she work the camera. I was loving every minute of it!

Thank you so much both of you, and I simply cannot wait to see just who this brand new little person is going to be.

Lots and lots of love,


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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Have you heard that saying....." There's only one perfect baby in the world - and every mother has one"? Well, I have to admit,

that I definately feel that way about our littlest one. Looking back 3 and a half years, Nevaeh was a good baby. An easy baby.

But Eve.....she really is as close to perfect as babies can get. Smiles. Sleeps. Snuggles. Smiles some more. And did I mention

she's been sleeping from 8 pm to 8am for months now? Unbelievable.

All I can think is that we are IN for it......I'll just try to enjoy her that much more now, before the "personality" hits!


As for these photos.....I didn't have an extra set of hands, so I sat her up, let go and clicked frantically before she fell over; at

least she's now pushing herself up on her belly so that I can get some shots other than her laying on her back...and bonus,

she'll stop losing that tuft of hair on the back of her little head!

Nick + Heather: Married

After two previous sessions, Nick and Heather married on a dock in Naramata this past Saturday. What a day ! It was definately

Okanagan weather, 32 degrees and hot, hot, hot....but that didn't slow down a single person there! After a beautiful ceremony

we headed to the one shady location we could find at the Heritage Inn and setup

to do our group shots. Only problem was, this particular group was just too spontaneous to really "set up" anything! So, I just

went with the flow and shot away....I even ended up with photos that aren't quite blog-appropriate ( we're talking handstand

races..... yes, in dresses, people)! Our biggest challenge at this location was definately the bugs. And man, oh man were there a

LOT of them. The little buggers (hehe) seemed to just swarm in front of my lens just as I would click the shutter.....double click

on the first (out of camera) group image and you'll see what I mean! Bugs or not though, we had a great time hanging out and

after finishing up with everyone Nick, Heather and the beautiful Miss Cyan proceeded to the reception. On our way we stopped

at a quaint little roadside stand called Spiller's Corner, part of the Vineyard Spiller Estates and I think I fell in love with this

location! I'm quite sure we'll be heading back here for some "after" photos:)

After an evening of great food, fantastic music compliments of DJ Frost of Frost Entertainment and some stellar dance moves I

called it a night. I truly had a fantastic time and have a feeling I may be spending more time with these guys....how could you

NOT want to be friends with them?!!

Hope you enjoy the sneak!


Don't forget to click on this next one to see the CRAZY amount of bugs we were dealing with....of course they only invaded my space when it was a group shot. Figures!

And the after shot....gotta love Photoshop!

And of course we had to include Nick's signature move, "The Schwing"

This shot of the girls was after Miss L's handstand challenge; in her dress....let's just say THAT image is a little x-rated; she

needed a few more hands to help keep her decent!