Monday, August 18, 2008

An Update....

For those who may have wondered where I've disappeared to the past few weeks....well, I haven't gone anywhere, but my computer has! Pretty much everything crashed (thank goodness my pics were spared)! even my Photoshop is out the window:( For anyone that DOESN"T understand the importance of that, it basically means that my "Mish-time" is gone for now. Which also means a not-so-nice wifey, I'm sure!
Needless to say, my wonderful friend Brooke (well, her wonderful man, that is)! has offered to re program it for me while I'm on the Island shooting a few weddings. I will have an unbelievable amount of work to catch up on, and HEAPS of images to blog about!

Don't forget about me, and for all my clients reading this....thank you so, SO much for your patience and understanding; I'll make sure to throw in a "little sumpin' sumpin" to make the wait worthwhile!

See you in a few weeks,