Saturday, February 28, 2009

Eve Helena-Rose

I am VERY proud to introduce the newest little beauty to our family! Eve was born on Feb 22nd at 3:40 weighing in at 8lb 1 oz.

She was welcomed into the world by her Papa (Daddy)! Nanny and my closest friend ( who was also there for Nevaeh's birth),

Aunty Jenn. Aunt DeeDee (Brooke)! arrived minutes later to take Eve's very first photos. A HUGE thank you to all of you, as well as

Dr. Evans and nurses Wendy (who shared Eve's birthday) and Heidi. You all helped to make an important day that much more


Enjoy the pics, and make sure to stay tuned to my blog AND Brooke's for more ..... we're having the "real" session tomorrow. This

poor child o' mine has no idea what she's in for!