Thursday, November 12, 2009

STOP! New blog in the works!!!

Just in case some of you didn't read my previous post - I am no longer using this blogsite. I could, of course, figure out how to

forward the address; and I will - today is just not that day:) So, if you'd like to see my images looking much brighter, crisper, and

all around prettier, please go to my new blog by clicking here:) Of course you

can look through my "older" work on here.

Thank you so, SO very much for stopping by; it makes my day that see you've taken a peek:)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Signing Off.....

Do you have ANY idea how happy I am to be writing this, my 167th post?! I've thoroughly enjoyed having a blog, documenting

snippets of others lives and my own, and being encouraged by all of your wonderful comments. But, I have to admit that lately I

I've been feeling as though this blog just wasn't showcasing my work to it's full potential. Because of that I've decided to start a

"fancier" new blog with bigger images, better resolution and WAY more potential! I was going to wait until everything was

perfectly set know, like my name on it somewhere, perhaps??? Really, I noticed yesterday I didn't even have my name on

the header. Oops! I guess that is this evenings project. Make sure to stay tuned for the new header photos, a delish new logo and

of course heaps of new posts. A special thank you goes out to Erica, and of course Brooke for getting me started. I'll stop

babbling now....check out the beginnings of a new blog here....and make sure to leave some love; I know it hasn't been easy to do

that around here!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Cara + Mike:: Married

You may remember this couple from their uber-fabulous engagement session......they were such great

models that their faces even ended up on "vintage glam weddings"blog, making me, of course...very proud:) Well, they didn't

disappoint when it came to their big day. Each tiny detail was unique and reflective of the couple, and surprises seemed to pop

up around every corner. From the purple jewelled shoes to the birdcage veil Cara "forgot" to tell me about...and their first

dance. The dance. WOW! Once they get video up I will make sure to upload it for all to see, because it was spectacular! After a

complete outfit change into full-on 80's inspired hip-hop gear, Mike and Cara busted through the reception doors to the

beats of "Boom Boom Pow". The choreography was amazing and the played the roles to a "t". It's going to be tough to top that

one I tell ya!

Thank you to everyone involved.....Heiress Salon for the "do's", Mac for the makeup and Linden Gardens for keeping your

venue looking so beautiful. And a BIG thank you to my fave second shooter, Brooke Bowland for helping me out....SUCH a great


Make sure to stay tuned for Mike and Cara's "after" session which we will be shooting in the cold next weekend. It will be

showing up on my fancy new blog that is getting close to going live:) Thank you so much to both of you for choosing me; I

loved every second of it.....


Friday, October 2, 2009

Nevaeh:: Birthday Girl!

Our Little Miss.....I can't believe she was born 4 entire years ago:) A lot has changed since then....we've moved 5 times, Mike

and I have both started new careers that we LOVE and we've added another bitty Miss to the mix. We're feeling pretty lucky:)

Here are just a few of the things we love most about our biggest girl.....

Her singsong voice
The wiggly run
Mad drawing skills
The most entertaining "Elaine" look-alike dance moves
Her fiery temper ( haha....can't blame her for this one; this trait was handed down from me; sorry Miss)
Her love of all things "girl"
A very outgoing personality
The fact that she really is the best "big sissy" EVER
Her LOVE of "schnuggles"

We love you Miss!!!!!

And without further adieu; the photos from her "Alice in Wonderland" party....thank you so much to "Gimpa and Isha" for

letting us overtake their yard, Dee Dee for her contribution to the photos ( I didn't label them......the fab details are hers for

sure) and her cutting skills, and Nanny for the late nights crafting and baking with me:) Nevaeh had a great time and

absolutely loved all her gifts....( it was a "dress up" theme, hence the Rapunzel costume). I knew the crazy nights prior to the

party were all worth it when Nevaeh said to my Mum..." Nanny, my Mummy does the best parties for me, doesn't she?!"

For those interested, I found her dress here :)


BTW - This is officially the LONGEST post ever !!! I just can't help myself, yummy details and adorable faces, how can I possibly only post a few?!