Wednesday, April 30, 2008


We had a fabulous last few days with the little one...lots of play dates, a birthday party and her very shiny red bicylce! The plan was to give her the big girl bike once she is on the big girl potty, but Mum is a softie and,well, I just couldn't keep it from her! I never have been any good at keeping presents a secret! Here are a few of her first day out with her trike, which she affectionately named "Rayla" (I have no idea where the name came from)! She washes it daily, wants to take it everywhere and is surprsingly fast on it (which of course scares the heck out of me)!

It's also getting really close to cherry blossom time in our neck of the woods, so stay tuned in for some (hopefully) amazing new spring pics....I'm dying to get out into the orchards for a session!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Little Starlet

I've had a few people mention to me that the look Nevaeh has when she's photographed reminds them of the classic olden day starlets; I never really saw it until I started converting her images with this vintage look....I thought I would share these few I took today ...I'm even considering printing them BIG on canvas. (For those interested, we've found a FANTASTIC place to print at....beautiful quality)!


Birthday Boy

Today we spent the afternoon at Si's 2nd Bday party.....the weather was gorgeous and the kids had a blast running around and riding their little trikes. Little Miss & Si even got along'll notice the love Nevaeh's giving him during gift opening....too cute!



Natural. Happy. Relaxed. Inquisitive. Annoyed......whatever it is their little faces are portraying, it is always so much fun (and usually a challenge)! to capture. These were taken yesterday at our friends' birthday party and at our home....all with my snazzy new lens!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A girl and her boy.

First off I'd like to give warning that there may not be many posts of subjects other than Nevaeh for the next week or so....I have sessions booked, but since the lovely April-snow won't stop falling; we just have to be patient and wait. So, instead of taking a blogger-break I'll just be practicing on our Little Miss in order to keep you entertained!

These few are from Nevaeh's "man's" house the other's normally a love-hate relationship between these two,but it had been a lonnng time since their last "date"; it was all love today for these two (which meant Si's very preggo Mummy could actually lay back and relax! It's also Si's Birthday today, so there are an extra few shots of him for "Mum" to check out!

Enjoy the pics of this future couple, I'm sure:)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

When life gives you Lemons....

Here is a little sneak peek of what goes on in our daily lives when we're (literally)! trapped in the house all day!
I figured that since we had a dumping of snow yesterday, we HAD to go play out in the orchard today...especially since the sun was shining again. Well. That just wasn't going to happen....we had a bloody bear in the yard all morning! And of course with my imagination there was NO WAY we would be venturing outdoors here anytime soon (good thing we're moving)! So, I pulled out all the messy things I could find, cleaned up the still-unused sunroom (since it's been so cold) and hoped Nevaeh would be just as happy making a mess inside as she would outside. We did play-doh, fingerpainting, ate a VERY yummy, sugar free cupcake made by Nevaeh's 8 yr old Aunty L, had a hilarious game of hide-n-seek...( there are a few pics of her very clever hiding spots)!and ended it all with Nevaeh's FAVE show "Nee-hao, Kai -Lan". Yes, it's Chinese.......she's VERY into languages this one; that's my girl!

Anyways, it turned out to be a great day even though it didn't go as planned; enjoy the pics...there are a LOT of them today!
Mish & The Miss

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Yummy Afternoon

Yummy sunshine. Yummy food. And three especially super-dooper- extra yummy girls!!!

Today was a pretty great day.....a lot was due to the fact that the sunshine actually made an appearance, with temperatures even falling in the "short sleeve" category! Tomorrow is supposed to bring snow believe it or not, so we thought we'd take advantage. Claire and I took the girls for some cones and a walk along the tressel...only a few mishaps to be had; Miss "I" had a fall and we lost the top of her cone...very traumatic for any 5 year old girl! I thought Claire was going to need me to carry her off the tressel as she was so afraid of heights. I feel for her, really I do.....but it was pretty entertaining as she didn't want the girls near the tracks (there are cracks between rails) or near the fence ( which is bolted down and VERY SAFE)! I think she truly was afraid it would fall off. Poor thing! The girls did some running in the sunshine, had a game of hide and seek, got dirty of course and I managed to chase them around and snap a few pics with the new lens....I must say that I am SO thankful to do what I do and be able to document the everyday little outings/things/moments that could otherwise pass by unnoticed. I wouldn't have it any other way!

And to those of you reading this who are hogging all the sunshine....PLEASE send some our way; we are really in need of some!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nothing Sweeter....

Than a four year old's birthday party, that is. Nevaeh and I spent Saturday at her best girlfriends house celebrating little "Dottie's" big day. You may have seen photos I've taken of her and her gorgeous older sister( they're actually both on my header at the top of the page)....these are the type of kids you wish they would make in pocket-size...they are THAT adorable and so full of character! These pics aren't action packed...just a few headshots of some of the kidlets who attended...but the party was full of action....we had cake, heaps of balloons and bubbles, a wooly mammoth game (the b-day girls favourite)! a bouncy castle, and even SUNSHINE! All in all it was a big success! ( The very first pic is the Birthday Girl)

Thanks again for a great time!