Thursday, December 18, 2008

A First....

Finally.....a BOY! I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but the majority of my images are definately girly; unless I get a newborn,

which doesn't really count as they are all equally yummy! I'm unable to post anything other than these "non-identifying"

teasers, as these will be a surprise Christmas gift for Mum. Mr B was such a treat to work with, I'm hoping that more boys get

sent my way ( hint, hint)!

If you think his toes are cute, just WAIT until you see this little man's face; stay tuned!


FYI - These 3 images were all processed using Totally Rad Actions yin & yang + lux soft + old skool ( 30% with noise removed)

+ Boutwell's Magic Sharp

Angel face

I have to apologize for posting so many of my Miss, but she's been so busy lately, and I've actually been documenting "life", that I

just can't help but share. This was taken at her Pre school Christmas party today. We ventured out into the cold and she decided

to make a snow angel.....2 seconds after I clicked this shot she face washed herself (accident)! and all was done....poor little

thing; she's usually smart as a whip!

Hope everyone is enjoying their white stuff!


Busy Little Bee....

A few of Nevaeh's favourite things to do lately are dancing, skating, singing......basically anything where she can PERFORM!

She's not always the most graceful of the bunch, but she sure does love an audience; she even sang Rudolph from start to

finish without missing a beat in front of Papa's entire staff party.....and trust me, we did NOT prompt her.

Anyways, here are a few snaps from the last week.....bowling, skating and ballet class. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can I Keep Her???

This little one was SUCH a doll to photograph! Very busy, very curious and VERY into the camera! I wasn't sure how things

were going to turn out as they moved so quickly, but I am adoring quite a few from this session. Thanks so much to Mum for

squeezing in Miss K for a pre-Christmas shoot....I can't wait until our next session outdoors where she can RUN!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tis the Season....

A few pre-Christmas photos to share of my little Miss. Aside from the fact that she is definately interested in the gift receiving

side of the holiday, I believe she is actually "getting" what the holidays are about. I told her we were going to look for Daddy's

present and that she needed to really think about what he would like. Her answer: " I know.....Papa loves basketball! I'll get

him a basketball helmet!" I think it's a perfect idea....especially since we're going to decorate it! I went to pick her up from

pre-school last week and the teacher was excited for me to check out the Christmas display they had up on the front door. It

was a "life-size" Christmas tree decorated with ornaments of each of the children's faces. Under each child was a few of their

own words about what Christmas meant. The answers were exactly what you would expect of 3 and 4 year olds...." Santa,

presents, presents and more presents"....until I looked underneath Nevaeh's photo and read this: " giving gifts to all of my

friends". I may have brainwashed her, but I brainwashed her well!

I had a full shoot with her yesterday....beautiful props, great lighting and the set and the model looked great. She lasted about

45 minutes and I captured some incredible images.... unfortunately when I downloaded the images to the Mac, it said that ALL

the files were corrupt. I have tried everything but think they are gone for EVER. Too bad, as it has been ages since I've put as

much effort into her photos as other peoples' children.

Do these things happen to all of us, or am I just extremely-technically challenged?! I NEED a technical mentor!!!

Anyways, these few I got before we headed out for Santa pics the other day will have to do for now. She sure loves the

holidays, that's for sure:)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Little Man.....

Yes, I know; WHY in the world do I have him in such a "girly" colour?? Honestly, it's all I had - and I had planned on converting

the pic into black and white. I just couldn't help myself with the Old Skool colour though, I LOVE it!! (Sorry Mum)! This little guy

is my newest nephew, who at the time was just a few weeks old; I can't wait 'til he's sitting up so I can really take advantage!

* Images edited using Totally Rad Actions - yin/yang + Old Skool 40% + Can o whoopass 20% + Boutwell's Magic Sharp

A Little Taste of Sunshine:)

These photos were taken back in August while doing an orchard shoot with my little Miss. These 3 kiddos are my youngest

sisters and brother, and as you can see; the camera loves them ( no, they do NOT love the camera...these were the only shots

of them from the afternoon)! The last pic goes to show that as much of a challenge as it is, you CAN get good exposure on

skintones at either end of the spectrum. I had them lying in the shade and exposed for N's pale skin, then upped the curves in

Photoshop. Man, how I miss the summer!!!!