Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Half-Birthday Eve!

This post is a little bittersweet for all you Mum's out there know, as great as it is for our little ones to reach all those

milestones, we always want to hold onto them being "bitsy" for as long as we can. Especially when the little one has as sweet a

disposition as our "lady" Eve. With her cartoon smile, her incredible bedtime habits and her sweet "ma-ma-ma" when she sees

me, there really isn't a single thing about her that we would change. I have to admit that it makes me a little sad to think that in

just 6 short months from now she'll most likely be saying her first little words, taking her first steps and starting to actually play

with her big sis. Hopefully she'll still love snuggling as much as she does now.

With that said, here are the newest photos of our beautiful girl....make sure to click on the images to see them BIG!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rusk Family

When I arrived to meet Tamie and her family I was pleasantly surprised.....well, not surprised, but happy:) Not only were they

stylish, good-looking and easygoing, but they literally did NOT stop laughing the entire time; definately a plus when you're

behind the camera! So, to all 6 of you......Mum, Dad, your gorgeous girls and their bf's...THANK YOU! You were up for anything,

trusted me and it made our session that much better!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Beau + Sarah:: Married

This wedding was definately a day of "firsts" for me. First wedding shoot in the rain, first bridal party of TWENTY-TWO people,

first carnival theme, first handmade wedding gown ( from scratch, people)! All in all it was warm, unique, fun and definately

impressive! I loved all the details; from the orange and turquoise colour theme to the peacock feathers, balloons, candy stand

and even the live was incredibly fun!

Thank you so much to Brooke for bringing me along to second was challenging at times but we worked it out and

I'm more than happy with the final results:)

Beau and Sarah, thank you again.........and best wishes!


Friday, August 21, 2009

The B Clan

It's been a lonnnnng time coming! Brooke has been trying to get me to take her family shots since we met 2 years ago. Of

course, with a larger family a lot is going on....and then there was her baby belly, and then Miss Isla was born and we felt a bit

too teensy for a family session ( just personal preference).. and, and, and.

So, one evening a few weeks ago I rang up Brooke and asked.....actually, no; I INFORMED her that she was to arrange for a

session the following morning. Enough was enough, nothing will ever be "perfect", my opinion the best shoots are

spur of the moment.

We headed out, actually planning to do the session at the fair but alas, it was closed. We headed for some shade and I snapped

away as fast as I could....throughout the tears, the bickering and of course the giggles we captured a few great ones. I am

thrilled to say that one of the images ( the last one) is going to be cropped and blown up to 5 ft x 5 ft and displayed proudly in their


Their goal was to get a family shot that was real, unscripted and fun. I think we did just that.

I'm sure Brooke will be editing some additonal shots I took, so make sure to tune into her blog as well:)

Thanks B....I love that we're able to do this for each other:)


*** Edited to add - I am SICK of the loss of quality in my images once they're uploaded onto blogger: please double click to see images full sized and stay tuned for the new blog - hopefully debuting by next month:) Truly, I don't even like LOOKING at them on here...arghhhhhhh!! ***

Dustin + Brittany:: Married

What a great day this was for a wedding. It was hot, splendidly sunny and the location was just beautiful. Brittany and Dustin

were married at St Andrew's golf course outside of Penticton B.C. and I loved it. There were lakes, willows,and just off the grounds

was semi-desert for as far as you could see. Stunning.

As for their abilities in front of the camera? Well.....what can I say? They were both at ease, and Brittany....truly, you looked

amazing; I could have photographed you all day!

Thanks again to both of you for having me along; I had a fantastic time:)


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brand New Baby B

It's late. Really late, and I should be sleeping but I just can't. I had to get a sneak peek up of darling 5 day old baby Brookelyn.

She is the first child of our great friends' Candice and Chris, and we couldn't be happier for them. This little doll came into the

world a few weeks early, and although Mum & Dad are both, well, REALLY tall ( at least from where I'm standing)! Miss B was a

teensy little bean....just tiny and petite. She challenged me a little, deciding of course not to sleep once I arrived. So, finally at 6

pm we got her to sleep and had a good half hour to make some magic.

I think we did just that:) I'm so glad she cooperated as this day wasn't only special because Brookelyn had arrived, but it was

also Candice and Chris' Happy Anniversary!

Thank you so much....Mum, Dad, Grandma & Grandpa for the fantastic dinner...and especially Miss Brookelyn; I'm so thankful I

got to be the one to do your first official shoot!

Hope you love them,


And although I was itching to do this image in black and white as well, I know Mum was hoping for a colour one of Little Miss is this here it is:)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kirstin: Belly Pics

Everything about this couple was fab......from their spunky personalities, great sense of style and just how much they adore their

little nephew; these are going to be two amazing parents. Brooke and I headed out to Keremeous as it was one of the only spots I

knew of which offered any sort of privacy. Kirsten was wanting some "classy" nudes, but not in a nature setting....well, as you can

see the location we ended up in is definately green.....but I think they turned out beautifully. Kirsten, I'm sorry we couldn't find

anything more urban for you, but I'm afraid I would have been ticketed!!! And I have to really are INSANELY gorgeous

...pregnant or not!

Please be forewarned there is partial nudity in this post......and stay tuned in the coming weeks from some brand new baby pics

of what is sure to be a gorgeous little bundle!

We had a wonderful time working with all of you.....


My fave of the day....

Seriously....what I wouldn't give to look this this!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lisa & Jason:: After

While on the Island, I got the opportunity to meet up with past wedding clients of mine, Lisa & Jason. A year has passed, and we

celebrated their "almost" anniversary with a fun photo session in Victoria. I had the idea to shoot in Fantan Alley, Chinatown

which is a personal fave as this was the location of some of my wedding photos taken 5 years ago ( not NEARLY as fun as this

session as we got married in Febraury...yuck)!

They were both troopers and never once complained about the gawking onlookers, the heat, or even the very spastic Jack

Russell that would NOT stop jumping over their faces in some ground shots we did.....I mean, COME ON dog owners; CONTROL


Overall the shoot turned out great, and I'm so glad we had the chance to meet up once again.....

Hope you enjoy them:)