Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lindsay:: Belly

Lucky, lucky me:) I had such a fantastic time photographing the gorgeous Lindsay of Heiress Salon & Boutique. Not only does

she have a fabulous personality, she's got kickin' style and is up for whatever we ask of her! Everything seemed to come

together....the sun was shining, Linds was still preggo, and Baby Eve was a doll, letting us drag her around on the shoot:)

Thanks again to Brooke for coming...it's always more fun

working together:)

Hope you love 'em Linds!



Miss Eve was only a week here and is now fast approaching the 6 week mark. ( Sniff, sniff) For those of you

who frequent Brooke's blog, you'll have already seen similar shots to these. I wasn't that involved in the shoot, but did

manage to pull out a few that I adore. I am doing a mini shoot with our girl this afternoon....so stay TUNED!

And yes, she is just as sweet ( and squishy)! as she looks:)


West Coast Belly

I truly do love doing photo shoots on the Island; there is always somewhere fantastic to go outdoors, but of course there is the

ever- constant drawback of the RAIN! I was in Victoria for 5 days, and it literally poured rain ( and even snowed at times) my

entire trip. Except for this little window of about an hour when I managed to get 3 minishoots done...I had Lisa, Mel and her son

Mr. R in front of my camera; we had to be QUICK! This gorgeous Mama-to-be is Lisa....she was a trooper out in the cold and

even managed to put up with me bossing her around for the 15 measly minutes I had with her. Aside from the challenges, we did

manage to capture a few images that I hope she'll love:)

Thanks again, and I can't wait to photograph your new bundle next time I'm down:)


Monday, March 30, 2009

Wiggly Bump

I know you're all used to me posting a tonne of pics from each shoot; but this one just didn't go as planned:( I headed to the

Island with the girls a few weeks ago ( hence the lack of blogging) and while there had a few shoots booked with Mums-to-be.

Well, the weather did it's typical "West-Coast" thing and decided to rain NON-STOP the entire week I was there. Thankfully the

sky cleared for about an hour this one day and we squeezed in pics of BOTH Mum's bumps as well as a few with M's very

adorable son.

Thanks so much for all your patience, and I can't wait to "finish" these shoots once the babe are here:)