Monday, October 27, 2008

The Other Side....

This afternoon we ventured out with Brooke to try and capture a

few great family shots. Since I'm used to being on the other side of the lens, I know how challenging this can be.....especially

when the shoot involves a moody 3 year old, a hubby that's quite good at pulling "stupid" faces, and the wife (being moi) who

literally doesn't stop talking...sorry for that B! It took a few locations as we really misjudged the "golden hour" for lighting, but

I think Brooke did a fabulous job with a challenging family and

came up with a fair amount of shots that I am crazy about; as well as a few last minute belly shots of our babe-to-be ( today

was my 6 month mark)! B was kind enough to give me a disc to do some of my own editing; so these are compliments of my

night-owl moves (yes, you read it's almost 3 am)!!!!

Make sure to check out Brooke's blog as well for a few other takes...... and don't forget to leave us some blog LOVE!!!!

A very grateful Me....

PS....Stay tuned for this weeks session of my "go" at Brooke's family of SIX....she thinks my family was tough; I told her her I'm

going to have to dress to get down n dirty and make sure to bring tonnes of deodorant and water!!! It'll be an experience, I'm


Thursday, October 23, 2008


I ADORE this family.....big sister "A" is totally gorgeous, as is her brand new 5 day old baby bro. My youngest yet:) The shoot took longer than normal....almost 4 hours, but man, was he a trooper; all he'd need was a snuggle and we could reposition him however we wanted. It was quite dark by the end of the shoot when we did the kids together, so they are a little grainy; but I love them anyways.

Thank you so, so much for coming over for the shoot; I had such a great time!


....and a tidbit for my photog friends....these were all shot in the last 30 minutes of the session; it was quite dark in the room so my ISO was anywhere from 600-800. I use the Canon 30D, and although I WISH these were sharp & crisp, I think it was well worth pumping it up to get the shots; a little grain never hurt, right?! The colour images were edited using Totally Rad Actions "Old Skool" and the black and whites were done using Nichole V's light black and white:)


Introducing our brand new nephew....Little "J" man. He was two weeks old today for his first "official" shoot with his Aunty M, still under 7 lbs, and he SLEPT! I wasn't sure it was going to happen, but an hour or so into the session he conked out and let his Dad and I man-handle him to our hearts content. I only wish I could have got more of him and his big brother "T". For anyone trying to get a GREAT shot of an almost 2 year old and newborn......GOOD LUCK!!!!

Thanks to Mum, Dad, "T" and little "J"

Hope you like em'


Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Little Miracle

I had the pleasure yesterday of photographing a little 2 year old girl I haven't seen since she was crawling. It was a little crazy shooting in my home as there were 6 kids here, but Isabel was a trooper and did a great job:)

Little Izzy was born 3 months pre-term. She had a sacrococxygeal Teratoma, which is a type of tumor and it was very large. The family was given a very slim chance of her making it, but if you know Izzy you know she is a fighter and VERY strong willed. Izzy walks on her toe knuckles which if you impossible to do, but she does it....keep in mind that this is also a child who was never expected to walk. So, they have put her in casts to see if they can lengthen her tendons. If this does not work she will undergo surgery and more casts. Medical does not cover her casts as they are done by a physiotherapist. Izzy will also undergo bladder surgery in the near future. With all the prescriptions, cost of casts, trips to Vancouver etc. etc. it is taxing on a one income family. So, Mum Tanya has organized a bottle drive. Anyone with extras can drop them off at their house or the family can pick them up. The address is 13817 Latimer Ave, Summerland. A trust account has also been set up in Isabel's name...if you are interested in conributing please contact her mother Tanya at 250-494-0250.

Isabel is such a shy, sweet little girl who has a mindset like I've never seen in someone so small. If you are able to contribute at all please don't hesitate to contact the family.

Thank you:)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fakin' it!!

Maybe she's learned it from her Mum, as I LIVE by the motto "fake it 'til you make it", but whatever her trick is, it's working....these photos of my little one are ALL fake expressions...instigated by yours truly:) "Give me a giggle, Nevaeh....pretend there's a butterfly flying by you, act surprised Nevaeh". She calls ME being bossy, but I say it's for a good cause...building Mummy's portfolio:)
Needless to say, she's still workin' it for me, and has held onto her title as my favourite model. Enjoy.


Trudy & Rob: Wedding

Late summer. Breathtaking location. Beautiful couple:) I couldn't have asked for a better day, or better peoople to work with. Trudy and Rob were so much fun, obviously in love and extremely carefree...a photographers dream! The Burrowing Owl in Oliver was such a stunning venue, I would highly recommend it to anyone getting hitched in the Okanagan area. Although we didn't have nearly as much time as I like, we still ended up capturing quite a few moments I'm fond of. So, thank you again for having me be a part of your day and I look forward to doing a Trash the Dress session with you both in the spring:)


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tracy & Candace: Wedding

A little preview of Candace & Tracy's beautifully intimate vinyard wedding. The couple & their friends & family travelled from out of province to enjoy a private & personalized early evening ceremony. The event was held at Thornhaven Winery in Summerland, a personal fave of mine and definately worth checking out. Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of making the day so memorable & especially to the bride & groom for having me document it; I had a great time:)