Wednesday, April 29, 2009


These photos are of Nevaeh's "new" BFF:) THe girls had a little playdate today, so after we played dress-up for a bit I decided to

grab the camera and catch a few pics of those gorgeous curls....I'm sure you'll all being seeing more of this sweet little one, as

her talented Mama is soon going to be debuting a new line of fab frocks for little girls...

Stay tuned!!!



Today was my biggest little girl's ballet photos. And oh my, were they all adorable. I mean, utterly scrumptious. They are part

of the dance school's performance of Cinderella and will be onstage as the mice. I'm quite sure that they'll steal the show.

Nevaeh has the greatest teacher going....(thank you Mrs. M for being so wonderfully patient with all the wee ones:) and

although she is quite happy with her beautiful costume, she is still quite appalled that nobody asked HER to be Cinderella. This

coming from a girl who could be a stand-in for Elaine's dance moves ( Seinfeld)!

I have to admit that I did tear up a little watching them prance around; she may not be the most graceful thing out there, or

have the long, lean lines of a ballet dancer, but I have a funny feeling that performing may be something she's going to be

quite good at:)

And if you're wondering why the first pic doesn't "fit" was after I did her makeup for photos and realized that her lashes

were INSANE!!! I mean, come on.....the girl is going to need to trim those babies!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Passed By...

Wow! Time sure does fly...especially when it comes to wee ones:) I was going through some older pics last night, cleaning up my

folders when I came across this one. I'm so glad I noticed it, because it really is a warm fuzzy! This was taken 3 months ago

when Brooke's Miss Isla was 8 months old.

Isn't she a beauty?!

Bitsy Girl

After the craziness of Si's 3rd birthday party, Brooke and I ended up goofing around with the camera and played around with

some tough lighting situations....the next few images ( including the one of B and her man ) were taken with our backs to a

bright, sunny window. No light on our faces whatsoever. I think I'm diggin' what we came up with! Thank you, Brooke, for taking

these ... the ones of Eve and I are our first photos together since the day she was born ( sad, I know)! I just can't believe that

she's already TWO months old.....where in the world does the time go?!

And make sure you all keep checking in, as there's exciting news to be told....soon!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Mr & Mrs.

A little surprise for Miss Brooke..I'm sure the hubby won't be pleased with me airing his face to the world, but I accomplished the

impossible; capturing a half-decent pic of them deserves to be seen!

Hope you like it:)


Monday, April 13, 2009

All Grown Up....

As promised, a post of my biggest Miss. Although she's been out of my camera's spotlight....she is still the center of attention

in our house; I don't think she'd allow it to be any other way:) She may be on the small side, but this girl of ours makes up for

it in BIG personality...she's a spitfire! Charming, lovable....but OH MY can she throw down! It's a darned good thing she's

cute....and may just win for the best big sister ever:)

Her latest obsession is playing on the computer.....aside from pbs kids, disney and nick jr; she is addicted to

LOVES it, and...bonus.....she's getting smarter by the minute! For all you Mum's that haven't heard of this site you should

definately check it out. It's a goodie ( even if it does mean she's stealing my workstation)!

I sure am lucky to have her:)


I snapped off a few shots of the girls while setting up for a baby shoot last week over at Brooke's house. I didn't think I'd got

anything good until I came across this one....what's not to love about it? My poor husband is going to have a tough time

convincing me to stop at 2!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend:)


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Doll Face

I could eat this little beauty up I tell ya! Our little Eve is now 6 weeks old and is growing at rapid speed; she weighs the same

her big sis did at 3 and a half months! ( 11 lbs) She is such a little doll.....a super snuggler, smiles a tonne; and bonus.... the

camera loves her! What more could a girl ask for?!

My next post is going to be dedicated to the Big Miss as she's been out of the limelight for a while:)

Happy Easter to all!!!

Labour of Love.

As much as I love what I do, I have to admit that today I was questioning if I have what it takes! This was the second session

Brooke and I had with beautiful baby Milla, and man, oh man

did she work us hard! This 5 day old beauty just did not want to snooze! After a good 4 hours, we'd managed to have her

sleep for about 30 minutes; which luckily left us enough time to get a few shots....although there isn't much of a variety as we

didn't want to push our luck moving her! It really makes me have a new appreciation for all of the amazing newborn

photographers such as Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall of Bare

, who make their images look so simple, timeless and peaceful.( If anyone knows their secrets, please share)! Aside

from the feedings, diaper changes, snuggles, heated blankets, swaddling, cuddling and also takes a tonne of

patience and a definate love for what you do. I suppose it could help our case if we didn't also have 5 other kids thrown into

the mix! Good thing that M's Mum as well as our great friend Simone were up for the challenge of being entertainers to the

other wee ones! Now if only we could come up with a studio and more time without our other children ( love you guys)! I bet

we could finish the job in under 3 hours:)

Thanks so much to everyone that took part was definately a joint effort:) And please stay tuned in for an upcoming

session of newborn TWINS! It's my turn to help Brooke out, and after today I don't blame her for asking...hopefully two babes

doesn't equal an 8 hour session ( it won't....nobody would put up with the two of us for that long)!

Hope you love the pics Linds:)


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby M:: Sneak Peek

How lucky did I feel to get my hands on this little doll? Very. Although I have to admit that it did make me feel a little emotional

as I realized just how fast (and just how big) my littlest babe has already become. This gorgeous girl belongs to Mama Lindsay

whom I photographed a few weeks ago ( you'll see her images in an earlier post). And of course it was inevitable that this

beauty came out with a head of hair ( she even has highlights)! ...Mum is owner of Heiress Salon here in town. Lucky girls!

Thank you to Mum for venturing out only 4 days post baby....even knowing that there would be 3 other kiddies here to help

out with; my two girls as well as Brooke's baby Isla. And of course a big thank you to Brooke for coming over ( and for cleaning's unbelivable how quickly the house gets destroyed when a baby comes into the picture)! Make sure to check out B's

photos here:)

Stay tuned in the coming days for images from the "real" session; this was just a mini, and the big shoot happens tomorrow.

Luckily for me this time it's at Brooke's house...we're attempting to do a session with 6 other kids in the house, ALL under the

age of 4. Can you say crazy?!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Changes A-Head....

Apparently Brooke and I have both been in need of change.....I went away for a few weeks and came back a brunette (without

forewarning anyone....not even my dear hubby)! and Miss B decided to chop off her hair. I have got to say that she is one of the

few lucky ones that looks INCREDIBLE with short locks. Love. Love. Love it! I think I may have finally repaid Brooke for all the

techy help she's offered to me without complaint over the past couple years. She's normally quite the pro at workin' her "wonk

eye" ( as I call it ), or her "stupid face" ( as she refers to it)! But as you can see we made quite the team today....she rocked in

front of the camera, and I apparently did my job behind it. I must say that she made it quite easy. She, on the other hand, had

a much more difficult job as I was NOT a willing model; I'm still not over this post-baby "blah" feeling. The few she did get of

me I am pretty happy with, although it still doesn't register immediately that the image I'm looking at is me!

Make sure to head on over to B's blog to check out the few pics she pulled out of me, and stay tuned for my new banner - I'm a

procrastinator; as you can tell by the very outdated photos:)

Thanks again for the pics Brooke - it was a challenge, but well worth it as I simply adore the pics I got of you. Hope you feel

every bit as gorgeous as you look!


Thursday, April 2, 2009


To this wee little girl. She's just so sweet and happy I can't help myself. I figured since yesterday's shoot didn't go exactly as

planned ( meaning she was not a happy camper) that I would snap a few more today. She smiled a tonne for me....I'll save the

big grins for another post. These two are so sweet....and the sleeper is compliments of Miss Isla; I may even shed a few tears

when she outgrows it as this was my absolute fave :) Gotta LOVE hand-me-downs!

And stay tuned in for baby pics of Mama-to-be Lindsay's new baby girl Milla. ( Linds was the hot Mama Brooke and I

photographed last week). She was born this morning and is undeniably stunning. I'm not exaggerating one bit. She must have

known her Mama is a kick-butt hair stylist as this babe has a head of locks like I've never seen!

Until then.....

Miss Miss

I love this little one; I just cannot believe how quickly time has flown by :( The day Miss Isla was born was the day we decided to

have another.....and guess what?! Eve was born 9 months later:) I guess seeing how gorgeous Brooke's baby was made me

unable to wait any longer! Isla is such a gorgeous little doll, I only wish I would have photographed her more over the past

months. Oh well, I guess her Mama has taken more than enough to tide us over...hehe!

On a side note, there are only two images of Miss I as I literally pulled my camera out for 2 minutes....she was having nothing to

do with me today! Good thing she's a beauty and it only took a few clicks to get a goodie:)

Hope you like Brooke!

Aunt Shell :)

Itsy Bitsy

Our littlest Miss is going to be six weeks this Sunday; I now understand why some people find it difficult to stop at two! I can't

stand the thought that she could be my last babe to snuggle....only time will tell I suppose:) Eve is SUCH a fantastic

great, in fact that my only complaint is how needy she is of cuddles; as long as she being snuggled by a warm body she is a

happy girl....and a very smiley girl at that! You need only to lean over her and give her some attention and she turns into a

grinning fool. I officially adore this girly of mine. Big sis is fantastic with complaints coming from her yet, which

makes me a very happy Mama! This little session I selfishly did this afternoon...Eve was NOT wanting to be in front of the

camera so I will make another attempt tomorrow morning in order to capture a few of her smiles.

If only time would slow down.....