Friday, October 2, 2009

Nevaeh:: Birthday Girl!

Our Little Miss.....I can't believe she was born 4 entire years ago:) A lot has changed since then....we've moved 5 times, Mike

and I have both started new careers that we LOVE and we've added another bitty Miss to the mix. We're feeling pretty lucky:)

Here are just a few of the things we love most about our biggest girl.....

Her singsong voice
The wiggly run
Mad drawing skills
The most entertaining "Elaine" look-alike dance moves
Her fiery temper ( haha....can't blame her for this one; this trait was handed down from me; sorry Miss)
Her love of all things "girl"
A very outgoing personality
The fact that she really is the best "big sissy" EVER
Her LOVE of "schnuggles"

We love you Miss!!!!!

And without further adieu; the photos from her "Alice in Wonderland" party....thank you so much to "Gimpa and Isha" for

letting us overtake their yard, Dee Dee for her contribution to the photos ( I didn't label them......the fab details are hers for

sure) and her cutting skills, and Nanny for the late nights crafting and baking with me:) Nevaeh had a great time and

absolutely loved all her gifts....( it was a "dress up" theme, hence the Rapunzel costume). I knew the crazy nights prior to the

party were all worth it when Nevaeh said to my Mum..." Nanny, my Mummy does the best parties for me, doesn't she?!"

For those interested, I found her dress here :)


BTW - This is officially the LONGEST post ever !!! I just can't help myself, yummy details and adorable faces, how can I possibly only post a few?!


Pam Linfitt Photograpy said...

That birthday party would be every little girl's dream!!! Great job, and awesome pictures!
Happy birthday, Miss N!! What a beautiful little lady she is!

ablair said...

I need you to plan Carsons birthday next! wow :) I'm in LOVE with your attention to detail!

brooke bowland said...

how on earth did she turn FOUR?? sigh....
fab party as always. love the shots...claiming some of those. hahaha. happy birthday big miss! you are one spectacular wee lady...and we love you!

Mandi Murphy said...

Love the "Drink Me" bottles and all the details, soooo pretty!

d d p h o t o g r a p h y said...

oh how fuN!!!!! i wish i could have come! lol

I think that if this photography thing doesnt work out for you (ya right!) you should seriously consider party are amazing down to every last detail! beautiful!

you have two of the most lovely gorgeous daughters Michele!

Happy Birthday little lady!

oh and...Brooke's little man looked totally outnumbered. so cute.

rebecca said...

Cutest party ever! What a great idea.

Brandi said...

Happy Birthday Miss Nevaeh!!! Beautiful girl, beautiful party, beautiful photos! I hope she had a wonderful day! xox

Hong Photography Studio said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog Michele. Hope you have fun in Mexico this summer at Kane's wedding. These birthday party is so adorable! I love love love them all!

reub-envision said...


Rathnashikamani said...

Beautiful pics.
Great job.

Ratcha said...

"Adorable" Just beautiful blog! LOVE it....

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Sabrina said...

das sind echt wahnsinnig gute Bilder. Ich habe noch keinen besseren Fotografen gesehen der so gute Fotos macht :)
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

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Unknown said...

Nice photos :)

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stevenjared0853 said...

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