Monday, June 1, 2009

Cara + Mike: Engaged ( again )!

I just couldn't help myself.....I mean, come on - look at these two! We had such amazing lighting the last 10 minutes of the day

which resulted in a lot of yumminess! And the location Brooke and I stumbled across last week is on the way up to the dump

where we live...we thought it was undiscovered, but apparently this is where the image was taken for one of the old $100

Canadian bills. Stunning little spot, fabulous couple.

Thanks again:)


PS - Proud moment for me.....2 of these images are out of camera...OUT OF CAMERA people (well, except for sharpening:) See if

you can figure out which ones......


Cara said...

sssooooo happy!

Michele said...

Thanks Cara.....I'm sssooooo happy as well! You two seriously worked this shoot!

Brooke Bowland said...

yup. love em. beautiful!