Monday, June 8, 2009

Thirty plus One.

Birthdays. They come and go year after year...some of us love them, some of us....not so much! I belong in the first group as I

ALWAYS plan something pretty amazing to celebrate not only my birthday, but friendships. Past years have included 4 day road

trips with the girls, Disneyworld, a night in Beijing, skydiving and a dinner cruise on the river in Bangkok (thanks sweetie....I

was finally surprised)! But although many of my June 7th's have been spent in exotic or exciting places, I think this year may

have been my fave. A small group of us girls gathered at our friends Dom & Simone's to have a fabulous dinner was

pretty special:) Everyone brought something to the table...Brooke did the flowers and photos ( these are a mixture of both of

ours) Simone prepared the food, Michelle of Cin Cin Events provided much of the decor and Clare provided the tunes.

Simone's hubby Dom actually built the entire platform and table as well as cooking most of the food AND acting as baby sitter

to my wee a HUGE thank you goes out to him...our men are going to be feeling the pressure now!

It was such a memorable night...and even though my friends have always thought I'm a little extreme when it comes to

birthdays (not just mine:) you guys have to admit it was worth it. And hey, now we have a new party-hangout for the

summer....right Simone & Dom?!

Thanks again ladies, I had a great 30+1 !


FYI for all you photog's.....aside from the first 4 images, these were all taken at ISO 2400 and higher...Brooke's Nikon & my

Canon both pulled through; a few of these images were taken with almost no natural light other than the



Baker Photography said...

oh my goodness look how fun that is!!! Well HAPPY BE LATED BIRTHDAY!! I hope it was absolutely a blast!!!! too fun!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Michele. Looks like you had a wonderful evening. I am working today if you want to stop by and grab those disks.

Amanda Brown said...
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Bloggy Mama said...

It looks totally terrific. I came over from Amanda's blog. Happy Birthday!!

Brooke Bowland said...

had too much fun. really...was completely perfect and the best company. well worth every minute.
the photos turned out darn good considering we had next to no light. yay us!
the one of me doing the "nevaeh" dance...oh yah, that is HOT!

Cara said...

What an amazing place... happy birthday and thank you for the invite. Sorry I missed it! What a great idea though.

Andrea said...

What amazing photography. It looks like a wonderful time and such great decor!

Edy said...

Happy Birthday Michele

Sharelle said...

It looked so beautiful! Happy Birthday Michele!

Simone said...

Will definitely have to host more dinners out there as it is now a permanent fixture on our lawn. Maybe roll the BBQ down there next time. Thanks for letting me host ( or supply the location at least). Had a great time. Next time we'll try to be more organized??? ( if that's possible?)

Michele said...

Thanks so much was SO much better planning dinner at your GORGEOUS property rather than the same ol' restaurant in town. For such a "last-minute" party it sure was a memorable one. Thanks to everyone who came & contributed their little touch; it all came together beautifully; I am lucky to have such great friends!!! Mwah!!

Tamara Walker said...

It was so beautiful and the photos turned out great. You definitely set the bar high for future parties! I had to laugh at that one photo of me.....I had no idea I was a nose wrinkler! Now I know where my son gets it from!

Kerri Anne said...

Here via Amanda, and hi, cutest outdoor party EVER. Lovely pictures, too.

simone Unsworth said...

Canopy down! The Canopy got blown over and smashed in one of the windy nights we've had!