Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sweet Baby Eve

It's been 13 weeks since our family welcomed Eve into the world, and it truly has been fantastic! She is all sweetness.....cuddly,

smiley, talkative (just like her big sis) and an UNbelievable sleeper....very unlike her big sis! She has definatley made me want

another; but we'll wait and see how she is once she's movin and groovin!

I posted a few pics of her brand new "squishiness"...thank you so much to Brooke for taking the first images of Eve at

less than 2 days old....she's changed so much already, and I'll treasure these always.

The remaining photos I took this evening; I was actually playing around with my new camera as I've been having auto-focusing

issues. If any of my fellow photog's have the Canon 5D Mark 2 and are having to me! The soft focus is driving me

nuts! ( I manually focussed for all of these ).

Anyways, I could eat her up......especially when she's sucking on that little thumb of hers; delish!

* don't forget to double click to view full sized:) *


Kristi Steeger said...

Oh she is a beauty! And that last THAT makes me want more babies!!

shey said...

oh my goodness your babies are STUNNING!!!!!!!! What amazingly adorable girls - congrats!!

Sharelle said...

These are giving me baby fever!

Brandi said...

So stunning!!! And sorry to hear about the 5DMII giving you focus troubles, I've heard that happening a lot actually - better to send it in for a quick fix than to live with it. (but WOW, I'm super impressed that you manual-focused these!!!)

Michele said...

Thanks all...I'm glad I'm not the only one she gives baby fever too; such a sweetie!

Brooke Bowland said...

okay i totally giggled when i got to see her little granny face. hehe.
i love love LOVE the one of her sucking her thumb...but you knew i would. it melts me.
of course, the other images...sigh...she is so beautiful!