Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Miss Mouse

Tutus, ballet slippers, leotards, and little girls full of grace. That USED to be what came to mind when I thought of ballerinas.

Well, Miss N has changed that.....I now think of striped leg warmers, pigeon toes, excited chit-chatter and very "un-ballerina"

like moves. I only wish these girls could stay this way forever....

Nevaeh and her classmates had their annual production this weekend, and did they steal the show or what!? Twirling when

they should be jumping, sleeping when they should be sweeping, and zoning out when they should be "plie-ing". Not only did

Nevaeh have a tonne of fun and LOVE being onstage...she also didn't want to leave the stage. So, in a packed theatre as the

rest of the dancers pranced offstage, Miss N galloped back to front and centre and performed HER favourite ballet move - the

twirlbowbow. Yes, it's all one word as that's how she say's it. A superfast twirl followed by a few too many bows and then, and

only then - was she done.

Hands down cutest thing I've ever seen. I'll be posting the video once it arrives:) A HUGE thank you to Aunt DeeDee (Brooke)

for the "pre-performance" photos, # 1 and 2; I adore them:)

* Excuse the "noise" in the edits.....they didn't turn out exactly how I'd hoped since the lighting was less than ideal (ISO 2000)!

but I love em anyways!*

Love you little Miss....you are a true performer and did a fabulous job!

Mummy xoxo


Tasha said...

Wow beautiful! Can't wait to see the Miss' move in the video, I laughed when I read about it. And I'm sorry but I see no noise.

Heidi said...

Simply amazing! How were you able to capture the theatre ones? Did you use a flash or just high ISO on your new fancy camera??? I am sure these are better than the photographer they hire. Maybe that could be your new gig!

Michele said...

thank you! It was such a treat to watch them:) No flash was used....the in-theatre shots were taken at 2000 ISO, f 3.2 shutter 80. I LOVE my fancy new camera:)

Tamara Walker said...

Adorable! The b&w with all of the girls is SO funny! I love it!

Brooke Bowland said...

i am so sad i missed this. sniff. she was seriously ADORABLE! well at least i was able to get a few before shots and see her in all her getting ready glory!
they are super friggen CUTE!

Baker Photography said...

those are seriously sooo cute!!!! i love the little costumes!!! so adorable!!