Monday, June 22, 2009

Papa's Girls

We had wonderful Father's Day.......started the day off with a sleep-in, a cuddle and a mad dash out the door to make it

(somewhat) on time for brunch. We met up with friends Dom & Simone and their kiddies at the beautiful Frog City Cafe in's a part of Linden Gardens which has unintentionally become "our spot" for Father's Day.

After a big brunch we walked the gardens....the kidlets played hide n seek and go-go stop while the big people stretched out on

the grass and I accosted everyone with my camera.

After that we headed home...& crashed in a heap on Nevaeh's bed ( this has never happened before, although I could

make a habit of it)! Then I shopped while N and Papa played video games....we topped it all off with a fab dinner and an in-

home movie night.

So, Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful daddy's out there....and especially to my hubby for having so much patience, giving

endless snuggles and back-tickles,( I'm reading this to Nevaeh and she said the best thing about Papa is

"flipshugskissespiggybacks" and in her mind that's all-one-word)! but mostly for all the love you show our girls; you really are

a great Papa & they're so lucky to have you....I'm grateful for the days we've had and look forward to those that have yet to


Happy "Papa's" Day!

Mish xo


Brandi said...

So completely beautiful Michele... your work always makes me see the world in a brighter light. I'd love for you to come out this way for a sesh and gab-fest ;)

Brooke Bowland said...

what is not to love about these. seriously they are stunning. looks like you had some amazing light!

brandi...i see a road trip in our future! hehe.

CarmenM said...

First time on your blog, and just wanted to say your work is beautiful! Love these family portraits. I'll be sure to come back often :)

jennybphotography said...

What wonderful keepsakes for Daddy! Your photos always inspire me I love your artistic flair and great sence of style!!!!

Lindsay Bateman said...

These are SO GORGEOUS! Wow! I just love the essence of these photos...from the color, lighting, mood, creatively insightful. Awesome blog!:)