Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nick + Heather + Cyan: Family Session

This is part 2 of Nick & Heather's engagement session, but this time Heather's gorgeous daughter Cyan joined in. We figured

that since Heather is a country girl and Nick is much more "city" that we should take a few photos which represented not only

him, but also Cyan's quirky personality.

I didn't know what to expect as I've never done an engagement shoot with a child, but man oh man can the girl WORK IT in

front of the camera. We truly had so much fun.....I'm pretty sure that my abs will be killing me by the end of their wedding

next weekend from all the laughing:)

Although these photos have a completely different feel than the "pretty" ones we did last week, I hope I captured who you

really are....a fun, quirky and spontaneous family!

Thank you so much!


Okay.....because I KNOW you are going to be wondering about his "posing"...this was the scenario:

I was changing their position and could tell they were a little unsure of their angles, so I said to them, " Keep in mind that

whatever is closest to my lens is going to appear larger"...and what does Nick give me? SCHWING!!!!!! He literally jumped

towards me RIGHT on cue; good thing I was already on the ground, 'cause man did I have a good belly laugh!


andrea blair said...

LOVE IT!! And I just saw your engagement session on the vintage glam blog...beautiful :)

Brandi said...

ohmygosh, LOLOL @ the last 2 pics!! What a super fun family, you can really see the joy and love between them. I love this session - totally unique and totally you!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome! I love the jumping one & the shwing. Cyan is a gorgeous little girl. and the last one of the mum laughing too... I love them all, really.

d d p h o t o g r a p h y said...

these are awesome! what an adorable family! also, thank you so much for the laugh bright and early this morning! the last two are hilarious! looks like a really fun family!

michele said...

Thank you everyone....this was SUCH a fun session; I am soooo lucky to have booked these guys as they are the kind of people who make us LOVE what we do!!!

Alli said...

HAHA!!! Too funny!!

I so love the clothing choices, perfect for such a fun family session!! Love your work Michele!!

KELLY said...

What a fun session *schwing* : ) You definitely let their personality shine through! I LOVE the triptych and the ones of Cyan alone!

dana said...

I love this--I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you included everyone in this family to be!!! Such a wonderful session.