Sunday, June 14, 2009

Denzer & Connie: Married

What a wonderful day Saturday turned out to be! Things started off looking not so promising - the sky was black, thunder was

clapping, hair was problematic and dress straps were breaking. After we arrived at the church though, everything came together

beautifully and the day was fun, exciting, and spur-of-the- moment:) Exactly the kind of day I love! The only request of the

couple was that we didn't shoot in pretty gardens allowed. We ended up in some back alleys and the parking lot of

a garage, complete with live jazz music drifting from a local restaurant. Although it did drizzle throughout the shoot, everyone

had a great time and took direction perfectly......gotta LOVE that! I was even lucky enough to have a pro-snowboarder on hand

for a few impromptu back flips, as well as a couple of untrained, yet highly talented ninjas ( check out their moves in our fight

scene). Stay tuned for more as this was a fun one!

Thanks to ALL of you, especially Denzer and Connie for having me be a part of your day; it was a memorable one!



marissa said...

I've been lurking around this site all morning waiting to see if pictures would be posted. They look so good! Congratulations Con - You look so so gorgeous!! So happy for you! (And awesome work Michelle!)

Green Peas Photography said...

I love the group shot in the tire - very original! Great work Michelle!

Baker Photography said...

Oh Michelle these rock! I lOVE ALL OF THEM!!!!! GOOD job as usual!

Brooke Bowland said...

i completely love the unique qualities of this one. what a fantastic group of looks like you all had far too much fun.
they are just perfect.

KELLY said...

These are great! Fun shots and gorgeous processing.

Alli said...

Incredible Michele!! LOVE your work! Looks like you had tons of fun with them!

Tamara Walker said...

Denzer and Connie are lookin' good! I love the first one and the last one! It looks like everyone had so much fun!