Thursday, June 18, 2009

Denzer & Connie : We Did

Talk about lucking out! Here in Penticton we very rarely get rain; and when it does rain it usually only lasts a few short minutes.

Well, today I had a session booked with Denzer & Connie for their Trash the Dress session ( we didn't end up trashing it, we

"respected" her dress instead:) About 2 hours before go-time the sky literally blackened. I mean....NO. LIGHT. Well, I was mildly

freaking out as they had rented another tux, hired a makeup artist and I had put a bouquet together for the photos. It just

could not rain. We set off as scheduled and picked a spot on the map that I'd driven through, but never shot in. Man, oh man was

luck on our side tonight. It POURED back home and we had nothin' but sunshine with a PERFECT mix of clouds....just enough for

some beautiful, soft light. All in all.....we found some great locations which I will definately be going back to, and had a LOT of

fun...well, until the man-eating mosquitoes decided to literally ATTACK us. I think even if there had been light left we'd have

been chased out by them. Ouch!

Thank you so much Denzer & Connie for trusting my instincts, looking HOT and bringin' it in front of the really

does make a world of difference in the final images; boring couple = boring photos, and you two were definately NOT a bore!

A thanks to Brooke as well, for making the drive out to shoot alongside....oh, and saving the day with yet another memory card

for me ( I seem to be in the habit of leaving them in the car...oops)!

Hope this sneak will tide you over for another day or so:)



Connie De'Arlieaveria said...

OMG wow I do really love the green in the background, didn't think I would but it looks awesome! Love it so far can't wait to see the other ones!! Thanks Michele for all the incredible shots and ALL the fun we had (yes even Denzer enjoyed himself, spiders and all!!)

Brooke Bowland said...

love the 2nd. love it! so happy that you were able to accomplish that one as i know you have really been wanting to get that shot. talk about the day working did a rockin job!