Friday, June 26, 2009

Rod + Jen + Baby A : Family

I wasn't sure if we were going to actually make this session happen last night....the sky was looking sad, dark and stormy and I

had actually called to cancel the session. But, once again I lucked out and the sky cleared, even giving me a bit TOO much

sunshine! Who am I to complain.....I had a gorgeous couple, an adorable little 3 month old man and some incredible scenery. I

wouldn't be being completely honest though if I didn't say I felt a little extra pressure....Jen & Rod are fellow wedding

photographers based out of Summerland so I NEEDED to do a great job! I also felt a little challenged as the 3 month age of Mr.

A is sort of, in-between stage. No scrunchiness, no of course I was racking my brain beforehand to

think of some good posing ideas. Well, the little man wasn't a huge fan of sitting or facing the VERY bright sunshine

(understandably) so we were a bit limited in that department . And although these are all very backlit, I chose to leave the flash

in my bag and go with what Mother Nature was giving me.....I think I'm liking the results. Kind of vintage-organic and "real" if

you will.

I'm hoping that you are both happy with the images and that they remind you of this very fleeting time I see you

guys your little man will be cruisin!

Thanks again for trusting me to capture such a special time for you....can't wait for the next session:)



jen s said...

i LOOVE the backlighting!!!! i especially like pic 5 and 6. thanks for taking the time at 2AM for the sneak peak.....see you in a month at the next shoot.

Brooke Bowland said...

beautiful. great locations and lighting. love em.