Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nick + Heather: Almost Married

I had a feeling this was going to be a couple with personality, and I was not disappointed! They had me laughing so hard at one

point in the evening that it was becoming a safety hazard! ( We were 20 feet up a clay bank). Heather had taken me out last

week to scout some locations for their upcoming wedding photos, and I'm thinking she should be on the payroll....the girl has

SUCH a great eye! Although I did learn one lesson.....Brooke and I tend to follow Becker's rule of "shoot now, ask later". So far

this has worked in our favour, but last night we (may have ) climbed through some barbed wire to shoot on the property you

see in the last few photos. Well, we pretty much got chased off the property; luckily it was by the owner, as she said the gates

to the field are opened in the evening so the bull can run......right where we were shooting. WHOA! She was very kind in the

end and said next time we just have to ask:) Gotta love small town folk:) These were all taken in Naramata, B.C. and I have to

agree that it really is one of the most stunning little spots I've ever seen. The Okanagan is finally starting to grow on me !

I really cannot wait to shoot their wedding on the 4th of July as they were so much fun. Not once did I have to say "fake laugh!"

as they were goofing off from start to finish:)

A big thank you goes out to Brooke for coming along to join in the

fun.....I'm glad you got a few giggles in as well ( even if it was at my expense)!

Hope you like:)


Brooke Bowland said...

The cliff shots are amazing. two were such troopers. Love that.

Cara said...

WOW these pictures are fabulous!