Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mike + Cara : Engaged

Delish. That is all I have to say about this shoot......everything from the clothing and accesories, the way they moved, and the

light....oooooh the light was to DIE for! From now on I am only booking shoots during the golden hour. It was soooo worth it!

These photos are an engagement session of Mike and Cara who I will be photographing for their wedding in September. Their

outfits were from a fabulous new shop in town called Vintage & Vogue; Cara & I met up and styled the shoot together. I am

seriously in love with this place, and am SO excited that we have such a great little gem in our small town:) Stay tuned for their

site which Brooke and I will be doing up for them soon.

Mike and Cara, the two of you were so much fun to work with...obviously crazy about each other and very inspirational! I cannot

wait for your wedding as you were a treat to photograph!

And a big thank you to Brooke for coming along; it's always

more fun with 2 (especially when I run out of memory cards and you're there to save the day:)

PS - It's a long one....I couldn't help it:) The gorgeous light in the last bunch of photos was shot in the last 6 minutes before

the sun completely disappeared behind the mountains. Yum!


d d p h o t o g r a p h y said...

wow! these images just blew my mind..amazing!

Tamara Walker said...

So gorgeous! I love the one of just their bodies with her legs crossed. It's perfect!

Where is this store and why have I not heard of it yet?

Cara said...

Thank you. THANK YOU. thank you to Michele and Brooke for the amazingly fun evening and beautiful photos. Can't wait for the wedding pics.

Michele said...

Hehe! Thanks was definately a fave! Tamara, the shop is just up from Starbucks on Main; great store...and Cara, thank YOU!

Brooke Bowland said...

yumma. how fantastic were they?? loved it. thanks again for the invite. the images are stunning!

JennyD said...

Michele - Mike and Cara are 2 of my best have captured the essence of their love so beautifully. Unreal!!

Can you please do my wedding pics too? if you know any single guys I will start there!!

Michele said...

Jenny - thank you so's a great compliment that I captured them as they truly are, it's what I aim to do each and every time:) And yes, I would LOVE to do your wedding....I'm sure I'll meet you on M&C's big day; I'll get a feel for you and see if I can work some man-magic! lol!