Thursday, May 28, 2009

Proud Mama

Once again, Brooke was right! As I got ready to do Miss Isla's birthday photos today, B suggested I dress up the girls and have

her take a few shots of us all together. And I am so glad we did. More often then not, these impromptu shoots turn out to be the

best ones. Little Miss Birthday Girl definately needed the two of us to corral her into the view of my camera - that little lady

can motor! And my biggest girlie just wasn't into it today. As much as I love the end results from today, it was a painful 5

minutes! Yes, Brooke is so good that she managed to juggle her crying babe, my tempermental 3 year old and a baby girl who

just wanted to suck! Ahhhhh....good thing we both work quickly!

Thank you Brooke for taking these shots and handing them over to's even better being able to toss out all my "wonky"

faces without you laughing at them first!

I look forward to our next of six, perhaps?! Get your act together, girl!


Brooke Bowland said...

love them. i am sooooo glad you did dress up. it was an interesting and quick shoot...but it looks like we were able to get some great ones in a hurry. talk about a beautiful group of ladies. sheesh.
i love the special bits of the first one. so adorable.
thank you for allowing me to capture you girls in front of my camera. you are one HOT MAMA!!

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely stunning!!

Baker Photography said...

oh my goodness these are simply adorable!!