Friday, May 15, 2009


Here it VERY first images snapped with the new camera!!!! Can you tell that I'm excited?! For my fellow photogs, it's the

new Canon 5D Mark 2....I honestly wasn't that excited picking it up, because I wasn't expecting much better results than the 30D

that I have been using. But, I think the image is sharper and clearer; this image was taken at 800 ISO....crystal clear. Whoo-hoo!

And as for the pictures....I think I'm in love:)

The gorgeous dress that Miss Eve is wearing was a gift from our great friend Clare; isn't it beautiful?! Make sure to tune in

tomorrow for new images of her beautiful girls, as well as our friend Maria's girls. I'm excited!!



Brooke Bowland said...

yumma yumma. love the last one. they are just so darn beautiful!
so glad that you are thrilled with the newest "baby".

Anonymous said...

ISO 800 hey? That's nutso! Great pics Michele!

Carol said...

jealous over here;)

Pamela said...

Beautiful Michele!
New toys are SO much fun. Looking forward to seeing more :)

Anonymous said...

Your girls take fantastic photos!

Brandi said...

Your girls are such beautiful little dollies! Gorgeous photos too of course :)

Brandi said...

ps: and congratulations on the new camera! WOOHOO!