Saturday, May 2, 2009


Brooke and I were both anxious and excited to photograph our very first set of twins. And man, oh was a challenge and a

half! The two girls, Miss "R" and Miss "K" were beautiful, teensy and oh so sweet, but the one Miss just did NOT want to snooze!

The few we were able to capture with both girls looking peaceful had a lot to do with luck, as we literally had a minute or so to

get "the shot" before Miss R would wake up and want to party!

Thank you so much to Mum Genevieve for allowing us into your home; it was fantastic to finally get our hands on two beautiful

babes at a time....and thank you also to Brooke for having me come along to help out; glad I was there!



Brandi said...

So sweet and serene! You'd never guess that one of them didn't want to sleep!

Brooke Bowland said...

yah it was such a breeze! pffft.

so glad you were able to come for this one...i cannot even imagine otherwise!

Morgan said...

These photos are gorgeous, and I love their alphabet blanket!