Wednesday, April 29, 2009


These photos are of Nevaeh's "new" BFF:) THe girls had a little playdate today, so after we played dress-up for a bit I decided to

grab the camera and catch a few pics of those gorgeous curls....I'm sure you'll all being seeing more of this sweet little one, as

her talented Mama is soon going to be debuting a new line of fab frocks for little girls...

Stay tuned!!!



Brooke Bowland said...

dont you just love her?? i see blossom photos in her future! maybe we could take mom with us and she can help baby wrangle and we can get some girly shots!

i want her hair!

Anonymous said...

Don't sell my crafts yet! I made dress # 4 out of the Isla/Neveah dress I have and it's no good.
Will do #5 this weekend... I think this will be the one!

Brandi said...

What a little beauty! Number 3 is goooorgeous!!

Baker Photography said...

So pretty! they are all soo gorgeous!