Thursday, April 9, 2009

Labour of Love.

As much as I love what I do, I have to admit that today I was questioning if I have what it takes! This was the second session

Brooke and I had with beautiful baby Milla, and man, oh man

did she work us hard! This 5 day old beauty just did not want to snooze! After a good 4 hours, we'd managed to have her

sleep for about 30 minutes; which luckily left us enough time to get a few shots....although there isn't much of a variety as we

didn't want to push our luck moving her! It really makes me have a new appreciation for all of the amazing newborn

photographers such as Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall of Bare

, who make their images look so simple, timeless and peaceful.( If anyone knows their secrets, please share)! Aside

from the feedings, diaper changes, snuggles, heated blankets, swaddling, cuddling and also takes a tonne of

patience and a definate love for what you do. I suppose it could help our case if we didn't also have 5 other kids thrown into

the mix! Good thing that M's Mum as well as our great friend Simone were up for the challenge of being entertainers to the

other wee ones! Now if only we could come up with a studio and more time without our other children ( love you guys)! I bet

we could finish the job in under 3 hours:)

Thanks so much to everyone that took part was definately a joint effort:) And please stay tuned in for an upcoming

session of newborn TWINS! It's my turn to help Brooke out, and after today I don't blame her for asking...hopefully two babes

doesn't equal an 8 hour session ( it won't....nobody would put up with the two of us for that long)!

Hope you love the pics Linds:)



The Mama said...
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Brooke Bowland said...

love them! i am always wishing i got your angles. ha.

that was one of the toughest shoots ever. so glad we were in it together!

Green Peas Photography said...

absolutely Beautiful - I have been in the same spot many times - like almost every newborn session! I am always surprised when I come away with anything! Was she getting close to that 2 week mark and nearing a growth spurt maybe where all they want to do is feed and never sleep???

Heidi said...

I totally hear you. The session I did the other day I don't think the little man slept for more than 10 minutes out of 2 1/2 hrs. These are beautiful and no one would ever guess how hard it actually is to shoot newborns. Love the contrast of the white with her dark hair.

Shelley Forsberg said...

These are so gorgeous! I love all the dark hair:)

Erica McDowell said...

How bad could it have been?...
She looks like a sleeping angel!
They look great!!