Saturday, April 4, 2009

Changes A-Head....

Apparently Brooke and I have both been in need of change.....I went away for a few weeks and came back a brunette (without

forewarning anyone....not even my dear hubby)! and Miss B decided to chop off her hair. I have got to say that she is one of the

few lucky ones that looks INCREDIBLE with short locks. Love. Love. Love it! I think I may have finally repaid Brooke for all the

techy help she's offered to me without complaint over the past couple years. She's normally quite the pro at workin' her "wonk

eye" ( as I call it ), or her "stupid face" ( as she refers to it)! But as you can see we made quite the team today....she rocked in

front of the camera, and I apparently did my job behind it. I must say that she made it quite easy. She, on the other hand, had

a much more difficult job as I was NOT a willing model; I'm still not over this post-baby "blah" feeling. The few she did get of

me I am pretty happy with, although it still doesn't register immediately that the image I'm looking at is me!

Make sure to head on over to B's blog to check out the few pics she pulled out of me, and stay tuned for my new banner - I'm a

procrastinator; as you can tell by the very outdated photos:)

Thanks again for the pics Brooke - it was a challenge, but well worth it as I simply adore the pics I got of you. Hope you feel

every bit as gorgeous as you look!



Anonymous said...

She is stunning Michele! You captured it beautifully!

Tasha said...

OMG!! She is rockin that hair! Fantastic job on the shots Michele, they look so classy!

Brandi said...

OMG BROOKE!!! I lovelovelove your new cut!! #2 and #4 are my faves - you're gorgeous!

Brooke Bowland said...

seriously these are freaking me them. thanks so much!!!

thanks ladies. love the cut. didnt at first, but i am really getting into it now!

d d p h o t o g r a p h y said...

ok i dont even have words..i used my two very unintelligent but to the point words (FRICKEN STUNNING) on brooke's blog..

why why why why are you both so gorgeous and talented....

if this were highschool id totally hate you.

you both amaze me..and your friendship is envyable(is that a word?)

Shelley Forsberg said...

So so so beautiful!

Tasha said...

i could NEVER have short hair, but wow, brooke looks amazing!