Thursday, April 2, 2009


To this wee little girl. She's just so sweet and happy I can't help myself. I figured since yesterday's shoot didn't go exactly as

planned ( meaning she was not a happy camper) that I would snap a few more today. She smiled a tonne for me....I'll save the

big grins for another post. These two are so sweet....and the sleeper is compliments of Miss Isla; I may even shed a few tears

when she outgrows it as this was my absolute fave :) Gotta LOVE hand-me-downs!

And stay tuned in for baby pics of Mama-to-be Lindsay's new baby girl Milla. ( Linds was the hot Mama Brooke and I

photographed last week). She was born this morning and is undeniably stunning. I'm not exaggerating one bit. She must have

known her Mama is a kick-butt hair stylist as this babe has a head of locks like I've never seen!

Until then.....


Brooke Bowland said...

seriously. can she get any more adorable?? sigh. they are beautiful!
i think i might shed a tear or two when she outgrows it. seeing her in it today made me smile!

Brandi said...

She is such a sweetie... I love the photos you take of her!

Tasha said...

she is so so so sweet!!!! look at that expression! i also must say, i feel like i haven't seen miss N in quite a while... i miss her! ;) LOL