Friday, September 19, 2008


They don't always play well together. They rarely keep their hands to themselves. And they never leave each other alone. Which is exactly why we love em' together:) I'm so glad Brooke talked me into joining her with the kids....I definately would have missed out on some very sweet moments...and that's all these are,(very) fleeting moments...and undeniably heartwarming. I'll make sure to post some later of the "real" relationship!

Thanks kiddos....we love you!
Mum & Aunt Shell


Indigo Six said...

you are so right...but i tell yah, its just that relationship that makes me adore them so when they are together. lets be honest...its real! all relationships have both sides. hehe.

I ADORE these. sigh. Sooooooooo...happy we we went. SO HAPPY!!! I see you were up all darn night and didnt even call? WHA?

Indigo Six said...

oh and i love how miss is standing in the 2nd one. she is workin' it! their outfits worked out perfect i think. lala is totally waiting for that dress. mind you, nevaeh will be wearing it til she is 10! hehe.

Sharelle said...

What little darlings!

ddphotography said...

im so jealous of the are amazing, those two little ones are perfectly adorable in every way!

love the textures you are using too!

Chelsea said...

i love the expression on her face in the last one and that dress is adorable, where did you get it Mish?