Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kari-Lee + Todd : Wedding

This bride is my second-cousin, and I don't think I'll ever stop thinking of her as the adorable little girl with the most heart-breakingly-sweet voice ( she still sounds the same....just with more attitude)! I had such a great time photographing her and her new hubby, Todd, as well as alllllll the family and wedding party. It was hectic as usual, with a few near-disasters thrown in ( they always make the day more memorable) but it was a beautiful ceremony and everything turned out just as it should have. The photo of Kar on her own is my fave of the day, and the last I had to throw in for fun....this huge, and VERY loud singing group was marching down the street about overtake our shooting location so I knew I needed to capture one with them in's not perfect, but definately in-the moment:)

I wish you both a happy, wonderful life together!



Michele said...

If any of my photog friends have tips on colour, I'm apparently having issues; everything is turning orange and nothing seems to be "fixing" it as I like...I'd love any email is

Indigo Six said...

could just be your monitor! try printing something and comparing it to your screen!!!
i love the one of just her. its perfect! you must email me what you used!