Friday, September 19, 2008

Ray of Sunshine

I don't have many words to describe how I feel about these photos, other than having to say a definate "thank you" to Brooke (or "Dee-Dee", as Nevaeh would say)...I've been putting off getting anything printed of The Miss, as nothing so far as been right for her room. Well, these are definately canvas worthy, AND they match the vintage-y feel I'm going for.
So, thanks again B for dragging my butt out of the house (although you do NOT want to see what time I posted's ALL your fault)! and to my little really are a perfect fit for me; thanks for once again melting my heart!



Indigo Six said...

you are welcome. i know you kind of didnt want to go but felt like you already commited. i was not going to push it...but well...i did. ha. i am so excited about this photos! the first series rocks...i have something very beautiful...I love that girl. I LOVE the 2nd photo...LOVE!!! I totally need to put some together now and post...i was up, but not crazy late like you!

Brandi said...

Oh wow... absolutely wonderful!! The light, the treatment, little miss N... beautiful. These will be perfect for her room :)

Green Peas Photography said...

oh Michele these are just beautiful and so canvas worthy! I really love that middle one - make it big when you print it!

Phillipa Judd said... These are amazing Michele.....LOVE!

ddphotography said...

wow...thats really all i can!