Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Payment :)

As I'd mentioned in yesterday's post....my good friend Jenn came along on short notice to help me out with a wedding in Long Beach, Tofino (which meant carry EVERYTHING I had with me)! She absolutely landed the job as my "official" West-Coast wedding assistant:) As my "Okanagan" partner Brooke knows all too well, I have a tendency to work very quickly....she would probably choose "chaotic" or "spastic" to better describe my shooting style. Needless to say, without the help of a second pair of hands...holding a camera and second shooting or not; I abslutely could NOT get the job done as well as I (usually)! do! These photos are of Jenn which I snapped off this weekend in Long Beach...notice how VERY well put-together she looks? Not bad for a Mum of 3 very busy little ones:) This was SOOOO not the case for me. I think half of the guests tried to swipe dirt, sand or seaweed off my butt at some time or another...oh well, they're not paying for me to look good, right?! Another image was supposed to be one of Brooke I'd come across earlier today while cleaning off files....of course it is NOWHERE to be found now:( I'll have to post B's at a later date)

Thank you both for everything; and Jenn....I hope this reminds you that you've definately still got it!!

Mish xox


info said...

she sure does have it! wow!!!

spastic works...ha. its that free spirited personality that leaves you forgetting things. hehehe. DONKEY!

Indigo Six said...

why did that post under info? hmmm.