Friday, September 5, 2008

Model Family

This truly was my favourite family to date.....I always get a little anxiety when shooting a family of five ( or ANY family, for that matter)! but the evening we shot this worked out like a dream:) I know most of the images are of the "little sis", but come on, do you blame me.....check out those BOOTS!! I will blog some more photos in the next coming days...
We did the shoot at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC which is literally like being in another world.....a beautiful setting for a beautiful family.

Thank you so much to all of you for being such a treat!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Michelle,
You are the best. We all had a blast with you and I couldn't believe how time flied.
I look forward to seeing more of these pictures soon.
All the best!

Laura said...

And my husband asked why I was bringing her boots...that's why I never listen to him! ;)
Thank you so much for creating such wonderful pictures that will become treasures.
You are amazing!

Tasha said...

love the boots!!

ddphotography said...

oh wow! love love the one with the pond and lilypads..gorgeous!