Monday, September 22, 2008

Kristen + Jamie : Wedding

A photographer's dream. Especially for me, who is a West-Coast girl and always looking for an excuse to go back. Kristen & Jamie's wedding in Long Beach, Tofino was definately THE place to be....a beautiful setting ( the Tin Wis Hotel ) a tonne of great friends and an extraordinarly fun-loving couple.(Not to mention stunning...does the bride not look FLAWLESS)?! Each and every detail of their day gave me goosebumps; the misty-beach setting, bare feet, guests in rainslickers and gumboots worn overtop of their wedding "garb", as well as Kristen's stunning custom- made hemp dress and unique jewellery. (I'll make sure to post links to her details once I have them)! The wedding party was such fun to work with....the guys had tonnes of great ideas and expressions, and the girls were up for anything! One of Kristen's bridesmaids ( I found out afterwards) is an amazing singer/songwriter whom I've been listening to on YouTube tube tonight while editing...check out one of my faves of Allison Crowe's covers by clicking on her name.
What a treat it was for me to be a part of this day, it really couldn't have been any better.

A HUGE thank you goes out to my wonderful friend Jenn for acting as my assistant; she lugged all my gear, made sure my camera was kept sand-free and even made the long, windy drive for me since my preggo body decided to be carsick!

The long trip was SO worth it...thank you to Kristen and Jamie,as well as their family and friends for being so welcoming and making the day such a memorable one. I wish you ALL the best:)



ddphotography said... dont even know what words i could possibly use to describe how much i love these images...the first one made my heart skip a beat..its beautiful and rustic and lovely and raw and real...and so much are such an inspiration to me, you have been since the first time i saw your work and you continue to be day after day..thank you for making me want to be better...

Phillipa Judd said...

I can't top what Devon said!! But these are beautiful and sexy too...the bride's personality is totally captured in these pics, hope you post some more!

Crystal Lane Photography said...

These are terrific. This couple looks like they were a photographers dream come true....I love their spunk and you captured it dead on!

Haley said...

These are incredible! I am CRAZY about the rain boots and the laughter and, of course, the love.


[found you after your comment on Erica's page.]