Monday, September 15, 2008

And Baby (will soon)! Make 4!

I had yet another opportunity to photograph my sister-in-law's beautiful belly and their growing family. The first time around was in a studio 2 years back when she was preggers with their son, and I had yet to venture outdoors into natural light photography. I have to say that I enjoyed this time around much more! Baby #2 is due in a few weeks when I'm sure my blog will be bombarded with teensy newborn photos.

Thanks again to all 3 of you for coming out, it was a lot of fun!!



Indigo Six said...

what a great set. i love how little "t" is just cracking up in the first photo. the colours in these are amazing. i am excited to hit the apple orchards tomorrow...but the mall first! hehe.

Crystal said...

Thank you so much Michele!! We love the pics, can't wait to see more!