Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nick + Heather: Married

After two previous sessions, Nick and Heather married on a dock in Naramata this past Saturday. What a day ! It was definately

Okanagan weather, 32 degrees and hot, hot, hot....but that didn't slow down a single person there! After a beautiful ceremony

we headed to the one shady location we could find at the Heritage Inn and setup

to do our group shots. Only problem was, this particular group was just too spontaneous to really "set up" anything! So, I just

went with the flow and shot away....I even ended up with photos that aren't quite blog-appropriate ( we're talking handstand

races..... yes, in dresses, people)! Our biggest challenge at this location was definately the bugs. And man, oh man were there a

LOT of them. The little buggers (hehe) seemed to just swarm in front of my lens just as I would click the shutter.....double click

on the first (out of camera) group image and you'll see what I mean! Bugs or not though, we had a great time hanging out and

after finishing up with everyone Nick, Heather and the beautiful Miss Cyan proceeded to the reception. On our way we stopped

at a quaint little roadside stand called Spiller's Corner, part of the Vineyard Spiller Estates and I think I fell in love with this

location! I'm quite sure we'll be heading back here for some "after" photos:)

After an evening of great food, fantastic music compliments of DJ Frost of Frost Entertainment and some stellar dance moves I

called it a night. I truly had a fantastic time and have a feeling I may be spending more time with these guys....how could you

NOT want to be friends with them?!!

Hope you enjoy the sneak!


Don't forget to click on this next one to see the CRAZY amount of bugs we were dealing with....of course they only invaded my space when it was a group shot. Figures!

And the after shot....gotta love Photoshop!

And of course we had to include Nick's signature move, "The Schwing"

This shot of the girls was after Miss L's handstand challenge; in her dress....let's just say THAT image is a little x-rated; she

needed a few more hands to help keep her decent!


Heather said...

Seriously Michele...you have given us a life time of laughter with what your pictures have captured of us. You truly captured the craziness, fun and love that we share not only with the 3 of us but with our group of friends and family.
Thank you so much

jennybphotography said...

Amazing again girl!, Love the work done on the bug invasion shot. Photoshop goddess you!

Mandi Murphy said...

Beautiful work, looks like you had a great group to work with..... minus the bugs!!

Michele said...

SOOOOOO much fun! It's shoots like this that really, truly make me feel so lucky to do what I do - I couldn't have asked for a better group of people; You guys made my day much easier than normal!

Thanks again for including me to be a part of it...can't wait for the next session ( baby pics, perhaps)!!!

Brooke Bowland said...

love em. fantastic photos of an amazing couple. they are going to be so thrilled.
congrats nick & heather...you two rock!