Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little Ladies

Here they are....all for you, Nanny! As promised to more than a few of you here are some new pics of not only the adorable Miss

Eve, but her equally sweet big sis Nevaeh. I had a bit of a rough day yesterday juggling a mess still lingering from holidays, still

nursing a sick babe, watching 4 kids and trying to get my past shoots up to date! For all of you out there stalking me wondering

where you images are, and if I've forgotten about you; I promise I haven't! I've been a busy bee and trust me when I say it'll be

worth the wait...just another day or two and you'll have a sneak:)

Until then, here is the impromptu shoot of our girls....completely out of the blue Nevaeh came up to me yesterday just as

dinner was ready and said, "Mummy, do you think you could take some pictures of Eve and her big sissy ( referring to herself,

of course) in some beauuuuuuuutee-full dresses?" Of course I forgot about dinner, cleared her bed of pillows, ripped the

artwork off the walls and plunked them into their purdy new dresses ( each under $10 at the Gap)! It was quick and relatively

painless and I just adore the results!




Tasha said...

Eeek! So so sweet!! Very light and fresh!! Such beauuuuuuuuuuuuute-full girls you have Mish!

brooke bowland said...

sitting. really? how did that happen? sigh.
okay, you know how much i adore these. two of the most beautiful little ladies i know and the photos...to die for girl. i love them. the conversions are completely perfect. how would i ever pick a fave...hehe.

Mandi Murphy said...

The 1st image is STUNNING! Your little ones are gorgeous. Thanks for the compliment on my picture, i'm blushing {LOL}! What I wouldn't do to have you teach me your mad editing skills..... I love how you do up your photos!!

Moments Photography said...

I am just so amazed at how you can create such stunning beauty in photographing your own kids! I'm glad you jumped at the opportunity to capture them, because it gets harder to get great shots (or any shots) of your own kids it seems!! Or is it just me? And is it your mom they call Nanny? My kids call my mom Nanny too. Straight from Nfld! Beautiful as always Michelle!! xoxo