Sunday, July 12, 2009

Candice + Chris: Expecting

This weekend was a busy one; we packed up the family and headed to Vernon for 2 nights, not only so I could photograph a

wedding but also to have a long-awaited visit with our great friends Candice & Chris. My hubby Mike and Candice have been

friends for many years, which is how I first met Candice; she actually told me that I should "stay away" from Mike as he wasn't in

commitment mode! I guess I had something he just couldn't stay away from! Candice & Chris are expecting their first child, a

little girl in just 6 short weeks and if I'm lucky I'll be photographing their big day; it would be such an honor so I am hoping

everything comes together! This shoot was a bit of a challenge for me, as I'm a wee bit shorter than Miss C. Put it this

way...she calls my hubby who's 6'1 "small fry". I definately needed to take advantage of anything I could climb on as this

gorgeous Mum-to-be is 6'3....more than a foot taller than me! The weather was scorching and the sun was blazing...we also

shot at high noon, which all photographers know is less than ideal. Lucky me though...even with all those obstacles I had a

gorgeous model who has a perfect little bump and man oh man, could she work the camera. I was loving every minute of it!

Thank you so much both of you, and I simply cannot wait to see just who this brand new little person is going to be.

Lots and lots of love,


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Brooke Bowland said... are a STUNNER! holy smokes girl. that belly is just perfect. so excited to see what your little lady looks like. hehe.
michele, you are making me want to have a baby all over again! these are fantastic. love the 2nd one...yumma.

andrea Blair said...

LOVE these *gush* can't wait to see you in August!

BTW...I went to school with ;P