Saturday, August 1, 2009

Miss Sophie

Here she is Mum & Dad......I"ve finally blogged your little beauty's photos. I did this shoot while back home in Victoria 3 weeks

ago, and had to wait to get back home to me, it was killing me waiting so long as well. So, thank you for your

patience:) She was such a great little model, sleeping, cooing and smiling the whole shoot and making my job very easy. I have to

admit that I was a wee bit anxious about taking her photos, as this age can be 2 months old there just isn't a tonne

these little babes can do! But she proved to have a lot of personality, and come on...she is a BEAUTY!

I had a great time and really do hope to photograph her again....

Hope you enjoy them!



Erica said...

I like the hands coming into the photos!

brooke bowland said...

she is crazy super cute. love em'. oh how i wish i could have just one more! hehe.