Friday, August 21, 2009

The B Clan

It's been a lonnnnng time coming! Brooke has been trying to get me to take her family shots since we met 2 years ago. Of

course, with a larger family a lot is going on....and then there was her baby belly, and then Miss Isla was born and we felt a bit

too teensy for a family session ( just personal preference).. and, and, and.

So, one evening a few weeks ago I rang up Brooke and asked.....actually, no; I INFORMED her that she was to arrange for a

session the following morning. Enough was enough, nothing will ever be "perfect", my opinion the best shoots are

spur of the moment.

We headed out, actually planning to do the session at the fair but alas, it was closed. We headed for some shade and I snapped

away as fast as I could....throughout the tears, the bickering and of course the giggles we captured a few great ones. I am

thrilled to say that one of the images ( the last one) is going to be cropped and blown up to 5 ft x 5 ft and displayed proudly in their


Their goal was to get a family shot that was real, unscripted and fun. I think we did just that.

I'm sure Brooke will be editing some additonal shots I took, so make sure to tune into her blog as well:)

Thanks B....I love that we're able to do this for each other:)


*** Edited to add - I am SICK of the loss of quality in my images once they're uploaded onto blogger: please double click to see images full sized and stay tuned for the new blog - hopefully debuting by next month:) Truly, I don't even like LOOKING at them on here...arghhhhhhh!! ***


brooke bowland said...

loving them would be an understatement. thank you ever so much for this. i totally adore them. they are real...and that is exactly what i wanted.
i appreciate you posting them even with all the other stuff on your plate. its been a rough few days and it truly reminds me of what matters!
thanks much girl.

andrea said...

sooooo awesome michele! you are such a talent. and brooke, you guys all look totally fabulous (as expected!). love love love.