Saturday, January 31, 2009

Photoshop Tidbits....

This is for any of you who may be interested in a few of the processes I use when editing; for the rest of you.....I won't be

offended if you skip over this post, as it will most likely sound like a bunch of jibberish!

I've chosen 2 different images from my lil session with Nevaeh today and 4 different editing processes. Each of these is using

action packs fromTotally Rad Actions 1 and 2 and Kevin Kubota's Actions which includes the amazing Magic Sharp tool.

And since I can't seem to figure out how to write directly under each image, you're getting all the info right here!

Image #1- Original out of camera.....Canon 30D/ 50mm 1.4 lens. ISO 160, 1/160, f 2.2

Image #2 (Basic Colour) - Patch tool for undereye circles 40% opacity - yin/yang to define shadows &

highlights...especially since I tend to overexpose the images on Nevaeh's fair skin - And last but not least I ran Kubota's Magic


Image #3 (Black & White) - Patch tool for undereye 40% - yin/yang to define shadows & highlights - Boring Old

B&W - sepia filter at 25% - Kubota's Magic Sharp

Image #4 ( Vintage ) - Patch for undereye 40% - yin/yang - Lux Soft 70% opacity (this action is from the 2nd set of

Totally Rad Actions) Flare up Winter 30% - Grainstorm 40% ( I lowered the opacity on her face) Boutwell Magic Glasses 45% -

Kubota's Magic Sharp

Image #5 -" The Nose Digger" - Out of camera.....Canon 30D/50mm 1.4 lens. ISO 160, 1/250, f 2.5; this was definately


Image #6- "The Nose Digger"....not that this photo is the best candidate for this action, but it is one of my most used actions,

and I HAD to get this pic of the Missy on here...she insisted!! - Patch tool for undereye - adjust curves - yin/yang to define

shadows & highlights - Old Skool Fast at 50% opacity ( I go into history when using this action & remove the "add noise"

portion) Antique tone 25% - Kubota's Magic Sharp

Hopefully at least a few of you found this to be a little helpful....I know I LOVE coming across little recipes on other photogs

blogs, so I thought I'd pay it forward.

Thanks again for ALL of your support, and don't forget to keep the blog-love coming; I love to know you were here:)


PS - If any of you happen to know of any chants, spells or voodoo tricks that can help get this baby OUT OF ME...please feel

free to use them!!!!!!


Tasha said...

thank you for the recipes!!

Anonymous said...

Just Like Her Mom!

Simone said...

thank you! I'll try to find these things! Self taught photoshopper here.... with some hints from my sis 500 kms away.

Michele said...
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ddphotography said...

do you know how much you rock? seriously..i love the info! it makes my head swim..but i still love

love the conversion on the last image..and the nose picking aint half bad either!

she is a dolly..u are soo lucky..cant wait to see dolly number 2!! come out baby!

Developed Memories Photography said...

i don't know any chants or spells, but my sister in law is a massage therapist and comes over to my house bragging about how she put a woman in labor the previous night. Obviously you couldn't use her, since we don't live in canada so much, but.. it's a thought.. something to do with the akiles tendon or something. also, awesome photoshop tips. you rock :)

Moments Photography said...

Michele u are so awesome, i don't even have to know you to know that about you! Perfect timing too, cuz i have owned those actions for a while and have my favs, but couldn't get the perfect vintage look. I can't wait to try the yin yang now!!
It's been great seeing you and your work on facebook! Good luck with the blessing to come!

Lorena said...

Just came across this, thanks so much!