Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Big B, little B

Today the Miss and I spent the day with Brooke and " Little Miss-Miss". B wanted me to take a few Mummy/daughter shots

before the babe gets too big, so of course I convinced her to let us take a turn in front of her (fancy NEW) camera as well! It

turned into a full-blown, wardrobe changes and almost 3 hours of shooting (including feedings, diapers,

and "monies"; Nevaeh only models for cash lately)! I am posting the ones of B and Isla, and if you check out

Brooke's blog you'll get to see the shots she took of us.....I ADORE the

ones of Nevaeh; my absolute faves so far! It was a long day, but with 2 very sweet AND photogenic models on our hands it

was well worth it:)

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Tasha said...

Oh my, these are just stunning! I'm so jealous of the light! And with two beautiful models, how can you get a bad shot, is that even possible?! Great job ladies!

Sharelle said...

I love that first one. The black and white is amazing, Brooke looks stunning, and I love the look on Isla's face.

Brooke Bowland said...

I am so insanely happy with these. It was no easy task getting these shots...miss would not lay still for a moment and was a bit of a fuss. That combined with all my "ugly" faces...ha.
Thank you so much. I am very grateful to have these of the two of us while she is still a wee little lady.

Brandi said...

So beautiful - it's tough to pick a fave, but I'd have to go with the last one! You and Brooke are both so talented, and so lucky to have each other!

Michele said...

THank you for all the very sweet comments:) It was so much fun to do these "girlie" pics, and even with tricky lighting( thank you to TRA's "yin/yang" action)! and little Diva's it all came together with a handful of shots we're both tickled with:)

Stay tuned for more:)

ddphotography said...

i dont know where to start...ok lets see..your little one is gorgeous, but you know that..i love her shirt...but you knew id say that...your belly is adorable!!! you better know that! and...I LOVE & ADORE the first image of Brooke and the it.

sigh..i am inspired to find some fantastic indoor light..oneday.someday..

erica sergio said...

MIchele these are BEAUTIFUL!! thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog ... it means so much! love your work.