Monday, January 19, 2009


I am right now.

Looking at these photos, how lucky do I feel?


Little Miss has been sick the past few days....lethargic and snuggly and even a little pukey (at least it was on Papa, not me)! She

perked up this afternoon though; donned her Rainbow Brite outfit and decided to work it for the camera.....of course she had

to throw in some "true" 3 year old poses...nose picking and all. And since there's another soon-to-be arriving model on the

way I thought I should have one last session with my fave BIG girl model.

She really is such a doll....wouldn't trade her for the world!

Mum xoxoxox

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Brooke Bowland said...

oh my gosh...she is soooooooo adorable. I totally love how her personality radiates in these...sigh. Love them! Thanks for the reminder...yet again to capture those moments!

Brandi said...

I definitely have to agree with Brooke - she is SO adorable! I really love your processing and your ability to get natural and fun expressions from her.

ddphotography said...

oh i got a little teary eyed reading your little message up top. you are a lucky lady to have her as your daughter and to have another on the way.

she is a beauty.

Becks said...

She's sooo cute!! I can't wait to see your next model in the pictures!

Pamela & James said...

Michelle these are absolutely gorgeous!!! Amazing...

Tasha said...

Just beautiful! I chuckled so hard at the nose picking shot! LOL, what kid doesn't do that?!

Michele said...

THANK YOU!!! I am loving the blog comments....they are such a fantastic way to start the day off!! This was such an impromptu session, and I'm so glad we did it as Miss N thought the pics were hilarious:) THanks again for all the support!