Thursday, January 22, 2009


That's what I am.

Sitting here, right 1:47 a.m. ( I really should start getting to bed earlier)! I am anxiously awaiting Brooke to post the

pics she took of Miss Nevaeh today. We didn't get a tonne of shots, but the ones we did get.....YUM-MY! Hopefully this will

get her blogging sooner......rather than later. Sorry B, I edited just a couple teasers to get your butt in gear:) Thank you so,

SO much...I LOVE them all!

Stay tuned to her blog as well as mine in the coming days to

check out the rest!




Chelsea said...

I just want to know how you get the beautiful looks on peoples faces! These are all amazing. The ones of Brooke and her kids are beautiful!

Brooke Bowland said...

Just posted. About time eh!

That shirt is killing me.

ddphotography said...

hmm i guess i screwed up and posted all of my comments in one get the

Michele said...

Hehe! Thank you Chelsea!!! I, too am loving the ones of Brooke and Isla...they actually came together ( these shoots don't always go well)!

As for the beautiful expressions.....with Brooke it's easy, as I can tell her she's making her "stupid" face; we all have them, and the 2 of us were actually discussing posting a few outtakes (don't know if that'll actually happen or not). I guess it's just knowing what works for that person.....B looks great with this content, closed mouth, "lovey" expression, whereas it just doesn't suit me....I look better with a smile. And since Brooke has a wicked smile, who knows why it just does.

It also helps to direct people.....give me a content expression, smile with your eyes....look at me like you're about to ask me a question (that was used for one of these)! I hope this helps a little:)

THanks again for the kind comments:)

Brooke Bowland said...

I have a horse smile! ha.

I agree though, its a little easier when you can say "oh dont do that". Maybe a few APPROVED outtakes will be allowed for the purpose of FUN. Hey, why not.

The other trick I would heavy on that shutter button. Click like a crazy person. Those ended up being some of my fav's in your session Michele!