Monday, October 27, 2008

The Other Side....

This afternoon we ventured out with Brooke to try and capture a

few great family shots. Since I'm used to being on the other side of the lens, I know how challenging this can be.....especially

when the shoot involves a moody 3 year old, a hubby that's quite good at pulling "stupid" faces, and the wife (being moi) who

literally doesn't stop talking...sorry for that B! It took a few locations as we really misjudged the "golden hour" for lighting, but

I think Brooke did a fabulous job with a challenging family and

came up with a fair amount of shots that I am crazy about; as well as a few last minute belly shots of our babe-to-be ( today

was my 6 month mark)! B was kind enough to give me a disc to do some of my own editing; so these are compliments of my

night-owl moves (yes, you read it's almost 3 am)!!!!

Make sure to check out Brooke's blog as well for a few other takes...... and don't forget to leave us some blog LOVE!!!!

A very grateful Me....

PS....Stay tuned for this weeks session of my "go" at Brooke's family of SIX....she thinks my family was tough; I told her her I'm

going to have to dress to get down n dirty and make sure to bring tonnes of deodorant and water!!! It'll be an experience, I'm



Michele said...

THANK YOU Brooke.....I am so, so happy with these; and feel very lucky to have a fellow photog in town with a similar vision to mine:)

Brandi said...

Michele, you and your family are stunning, and I love how you dressed for your photos - awesome!

Green Peas Photography said...

Great job Brooke & beautiful photos and family Michele!

Sharelle said...

Love the third pic and the belly photos. Beautiful family. Brooke did a great job.

Indigo Six said...

yay! i am loving them. the one that you did the workin' must share!
since you have posted, i am going to figure its safe for me to do the same. i was waiting for you to share! hehe.

ddphotography said...

gorgeous photography (Brooke) and Gorgeous Family (Michele) what a fantastic pairing of lovliness!

large families do require you to wear your sweats basically and to bring provisions! lol I often have sticks or leaves in my hair at the end of the session. I cant wait to see your photos of them!

Lauri said...

Beautiful! Again, I love the PP (and the shots are great too :-) )