Thursday, October 23, 2008


I ADORE this family.....big sister "A" is totally gorgeous, as is her brand new 5 day old baby bro. My youngest yet:) The shoot took longer than normal....almost 4 hours, but man, was he a trooper; all he'd need was a snuggle and we could reposition him however we wanted. It was quite dark by the end of the shoot when we did the kids together, so they are a little grainy; but I love them anyways.

Thank you so, so much for coming over for the shoot; I had such a great time!


....and a tidbit for my photog friends....these were all shot in the last 30 minutes of the session; it was quite dark in the room so my ISO was anywhere from 600-800. I use the Canon 30D, and although I WISH these were sharp & crisp, I think it was well worth pumping it up to get the shots; a little grain never hurt, right?! The colour images were edited using Totally Rad Actions "Old Skool" and the black and whites were done using Nichole V's light black and white:)


Shelli said...

Oh, I absolutely love them!!!! They are perfect, exactly what I was hoping for!!! Thanks!!!I appreciate all of your hard work!! I think my favourite of the two of them is the one that they are both looking at the camera - in the set of 3 pics. I cant wait to see them!

Green Peas Photography said...

beautiful work Michele! so tiny and precious!

ddphotography said... pretty sure anything i type here wont do your shoot very gorgeous! love love the conversions!

Indigo Six said...

fantastic as always! what a couple of cuties! congrats shelli!!!

Shannon said...

I love the pictures. My sister makes such beautiful babies! I miss them so much. It's so nice to see them looking so peaceful and happy.
Auntie Shannon

Crystal Lane Photography said...

These are stunning!

Becks said...

Michelle, these are gorgeous! And thanks for sharing what you used....I have the totally rads too and love 'em!

erica sergio said...

these are beautiful! great work.