Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Little Miracle

I had the pleasure yesterday of photographing a little 2 year old girl I haven't seen since she was crawling. It was a little crazy shooting in my home as there were 6 kids here, but Isabel was a trooper and did a great job:)

Little Izzy was born 3 months pre-term. She had a sacrococxygeal Teratoma, which is a type of tumor and it was very large. The family was given a very slim chance of her making it, but if you know Izzy you know she is a fighter and VERY strong willed. Izzy walks on her toe knuckles which if you impossible to do, but she does it....keep in mind that this is also a child who was never expected to walk. So, they have put her in casts to see if they can lengthen her tendons. If this does not work she will undergo surgery and more casts. Medical does not cover her casts as they are done by a physiotherapist. Izzy will also undergo bladder surgery in the near future. With all the prescriptions, cost of casts, trips to Vancouver etc. etc. it is taxing on a one income family. So, Mum Tanya has organized a bottle drive. Anyone with extras can drop them off at their house or the family can pick them up. The address is 13817 Latimer Ave, Summerland. A trust account has also been set up in Isabel's name...if you are interested in conributing please contact her mother Tanya at 250-494-0250.

Isabel is such a shy, sweet little girl who has a mindset like I've never seen in someone so small. If you are able to contribute at all please don't hesitate to contact the family.

Thank you:)


Charla said...

She's a beauty and those are incredible images. If I still lived in the area I would certainly contribute. I got my photography start in Kelowna and I really enjoy watching your blog! Great work. (we're hoping to be back one day!)

Michele said...

THank you so much Charla....much appreciated, especially coming from a fellow photog!

Indigo Six said...

love these. the colours are fantastic. i bet you are so happy you found that canvas...i LOVE mine. i must use it now...thanks for the inspiration!

ddphotography said...

oh my goodness...she is lovely, i love the last image beautiful

Hanaumi Photography said...

True artwork!