Monday, November 10, 2008

Vincent + Flaviane: wedding

The morning started off dark, rainy and cold; which worried me as I had a bride and her family from Brazil who didn't really

care to venture outdoors for photos in the stormy weather...a late ceremony with limited daylight for photos, AND a new flash

which I have never used before (yes, the couple was aware of this....thank you)! Luckily, the skies stayed clear for the hour

window we had before the ceremony; and although it was freezing outside, Vince and Flaviane were troopers! Thank you so

much for having me photograph your day, and especially for agreeing to have a "first glance" before the ceremony; I hope that

you are both happy with how it turned out. And talk about last minute jitters; this wedding was planned and pulled off

beautifully (dress included) in less than 2 WEEKS! I had a fabulous time, met a great group of people and even got in some

practice with taking flash photos.....very outside of my comfort zone, but the new flash pulled through and everything turned

out just as it should.

I wish Vince & Flaviane years and years of happiness together...congratulations and I hope you enjoy your photos!



Phillipa Judd said...

Beautiful, my favourite is the last one.

Brooke Bowland said...

rockin' job...especially considering how stressful this one was! i told you the skies would part just enough for your hour. hehe.
i am totally venturing out to the gardens more. what were we thinking? and front. WOW!

Sharelle said...

I love the second last one! Great work.

Freckle Face Photography said...

love 'em!

Michele said...

Thank you everyone; the comments are always reassuring!.....this was definately the wedding I felt the most pressure on...time crunch, weather, language barriers:) For the very short amount of time we had I think it went quite well:)

ddphotography said...

I dont think you could screw anything up even if you tried...beautiful job are certainly inspiring!

Crystal Lane Photography said...

These are amazing, great work - as always!

Becks said...

oh what a beautiful set!

Brandi said...

beautiful work as always Michele :) You do such a fabulous job of capturing the love between newlyweds!

Anonymous said...

if I may add... you have fabulous ideas and POV's!

Anonymous said...

Flaviane e Vincent parabens pelo casamento, e muitas felicidades.

Que essa união seja eterna e repleta de muito amor.

Flávio, Lidiane e Letizia.